December 31st, 2007

At Least Adam Will Have Something to do Tonight

Lego's here. A whole lot bigger than I thought, too. Just came down to see a big box there and reasoned "Well, it couldn't be the Lego, could it? No... that box is far too big..." Heh. My only problem with it right now is that he has to wait until I get home from work to get it. I could just leave it down here, I suppose, but that'd take all the fun away.

There was actually something else that came today too, but that can wait 'till later on tonight as well.

But as for this afternoon / night, it's going to be fun. I took a look at the schedule yesterday, and unless I missed something, I am the only regular closer on. There are still four other people, and Shelia's the "closing" manager, but none of them do it all that often.

... oh, well maybe not. They're going to pick Adam up right now. Or maybe I'll just wait anyways.

Meh. Might as well at least open that other thing for now~