January 2nd, 2008

Almost ;_;

It's about time I used this userpic :p Take the mouth wide open look as exasperation because of the following: Through the Fire and the Flames, Expert. Made it 90% of the way through. Ugh. I can play through the song in the training mode, and hit just under 80% of the notes, but as soon as I got past the intro there, it was just "Never made it this far before. I don't want to screw up now.", followed by my hands starting to shake a bit. Fun.

But yeah. I was expecting Josh tonight (in the past hour, namely), but there's been no sign of him so far, so I'm going to go ahead and assume he either forgot, or decided not to stop by after all. I suppose I could just head upstairs for the night, but this is nice right now. Was starting to get a headache earlier, probably due to everything that was going on here (and interestingly enough, last time such a thing happened was at the furmeet, oh, almost a year ago now :p), but after they left, I laid down in my bed for a bit, with the lights off, and it seemed to go away.
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Was alright otherwise though. However, I'm looking forward to getting back into the regular swing of things, because I've been eating an awful lot lately (whether it be actual food, or candy from up in my room), and sooner or later, it's going to start to show. But on that note, Shelia gave me another shirt for work on Monday night, because my old one was ripped in two spots (thanks to Manoah). I swear the one she gave me must have belonged to Mark before he became a manager. It's extremely baggy, and I doubt I'll end up wearing it, because I'd *have* to tuck it in, and I don't want to do that.

Just before I do head upstairs for the night though (it's now quarter to four in the morning), one question. If you're reading this entry, giza, how did you come to find my LJ in the first place? I don't mean that in a rude way, but I took a look at your profile, and all we really share in common is a few interests. Unless it was from one the sites I have listed in my profile... That seems to be the most likely right now, but I'm still curious :3

So anyways, back to work tonight, and I'm pretty sure the next day I have off is Sunday. Although I am scheduled to be done at three on both Friday and Saturday, and one of those nights, I will be leaving then. Yay~

And yes. I believe that's it.
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Sounds Kind of Harsh

I finally got around to trying on those jeans Mom got me for Christmas, and they didn't fit (surprise surprise). So we went back out to TSC, got a bigger pair, and on the way home she said not to put them on, because she planned on going back in a week to see if they had any more that were longer (yay for being tall :p). Really a waste of time to even go out there then, but maybe she decided that on the way home or something, so meh.

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And also on the way out there, I got to thinking about a certain thing (see the comments in "New Years Type Entry"), and what I can do in the meantime. Wearing a tail around the house (even if it's only at night) seems to be the best thing to do right now, but I started to worry about what might get said if Dad (or anyone else for that matter) came down while I had one on, and what that could lead to and everything.

Then I remembered something I heard in a movie I watched a little while back. Specifically, Mr. Sherwin Nuland's TED talk here. Even more specifically, the part where he talks about obsessing over every tiny detail. I don't think I could say what he chose, but maybe "Ah, screw it" instead. It makes me happ(y/ier), and it's not negatively affecting anyone else so why do I get so paranoid about it sometimes?

Once I get my footpaws, I'll be wearing them around the house most if not all of the time, but until then, tails are all I have, so I might as well do what's intended to be done with them.

And also, whenever Zaz gets back to me, I plan on asking him what he thinks of getting the furries in this city together and going to see a movie or something. Four (at most) really isn't that many, but it can't hurt to ask.

Anyways though, I discovered all of these games yesterday, so it's back to Knytt Stories for now~