January 8th, 2008

Tail is Here <3

But to be honest, I'm disappointed with the way it was packaged. The box was taped with duct tape, which seems to have started to come off already, as well as that somewhere between here and there, it's been ripped in several spots too. Nothing extremely serious, but enough that you can see the tail inside. But of course, expect pictures later, just as soon as I have enough privacy to not be asked why I'm repeatedly going up and down the stairs :p

Also though, got a ride home from Michelle last night, and upon trying to unlock the door, found that it was already open. The light was on in the dining room, so I figured Adam must be up, but no. So I am going to be asking him just what happened. Leaving the light on is one thing, but leaving the door to the house unlocked is another entirely.

And as I walked into my room to change out of my uniform, I noticed something on the floor. A magnet. A magnet that I know for a fact hadn't been there before. I wouldn't care so much about it, if it wasn't for knowing that next time I see Dad, he's going to say something along the lines of "What happened to your room?" I rearranged it. Does it really need to be spelled out for you?

So Steve and Michelle get to close tonight. Was her and I last night, which is just frustrating. We're supposed to have three people, minimum, on a close. The only exception to that is if one of the closers calls in sick, and they can't find someone else to work that shift in time. Not just because Earl thinks we're still over in hours. But on Wednesday it's Michelle, Karen, and me. Oh yay. At least she'll (hopefully) be on drive through.

I should probably stop before I get into more work-related stuff though :p

Must be Nice

Adam bought another PSP Slim tonight. Asked him why, and apparently he dropped his old one in the bathtub :s So his new one now has 3.71 M33-2 on it, and I'm going to let his old one dry for a bit and see if it'll work after. If not, well, he'd better hope he still has the receipt tucked away somewhere. At very least, he'd be able to exchange it for one that still powers on :p

But obvious thing for right now: tail. The only problem with it (aside from the box) is the belt "loop". So far, SPark is the only one who seems to have gotten them right. Obliviousally, almost, but the three on that tail were slightly too small. But anyways, despite not being able to get the flash on Dad's camera to work, I still took a picture of it, which can be seen here. One of the better things about it though is that it's actually stuffed quite firmly. Not so much that it can't be bent, but yeah. Definitely worth the wait~

And the estimated delivery date on one of those other items I'm waiting for has now changed to the 11th. So definitely by the end of next week.

I am also starving. Had the last two pieces of my pizza when I woke up, but nothing else otherwise. I think there are a couple boxes of waffles down in the basement freezer though, so I might have to grab one of those later :3

Until Adam goes up to bed though, back to Knytt Stores.