January 17th, 2008

Something I Almost Forgot

It's (thankfully) fairly rare that I have a dream that's disturbing in some way. Even moreso one where I wake up and am still scared for a good minute or so. Last night, I had one of the latter.

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Unusually graphic? Yes. Unexplainable? Yes. Scary even though it was just a dream? Yes.

But then after that I couldn't really get back to sleep again (I could, but not for more than half an hour at a time), not because of the dream, but because I kept obsessing over what time it was, and how much longer I had to sleep.

And then Heart and Stroke, which was effectively ~3 hours copying the names and phone numbers of new canvssers from the route spreadsheets to another blank one, because they're apparently going to be sending out "Thanks for canvassing" type letters. So you can expect one of those eventually, munedust, because I'm pretty sure I saw your name in there :p Have next week off too, because Michele's going to be in Toronto, which is fine by me :3

Then back home, and Naomi left to drop off some job applications just after I got back, so for a bit of fun, I disabled the wireless internet, and went to sleep. Of course, the first thing she said when I walked out of my room was "Can you fix the wireless", but if she doesn't know, I won't tell her :s Yeah, it's pointless, but a bit of harmless fun never hurt anyone (I think).

But since I'm starting to type inane stuff like the above, it's time for me to go to bed. Already up in my room too, which is quite a time saver~

One More Dream

But first, wow, Naomi. When I woke up and got out of bed, the first thing I heard was her yelling "Why?" several times, followed by something about an "Invasion of privacy", then she stomped down the hallway. Opened my door, pet one of the cats for a bit, then asked Mom what all the shouting was about.

Apparently she was sitting in Naomi's spot, and also, according to her (Naomi), had no business being in the room while "her show" was on. Most of the time, things she does or says can just be brushed off, but sometimes her self-importance is just amazing. But luckily, there's one quick solution to just about any problem she might cause, that being what I already talked about doing in my entry below :3

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And now they (Mom and Naomi) have just gone out to get groceries. If only Adam wasn't here, I might actually be able to get out on the 360, because since playing it and posting in that thread in furry_gamers last night, I've come up with one more idea that might help me get through the intro of "Through the Fire and the Flames". Probably when I get home from work tonight or something~

Speaking of which, one other irritating thing that Josh brought up Tuesday night. He opened a little while back with Alain. Karry was there too, on front cash, like she usually is, and was done at 1:30. Alain, who normally counts her till, went to the bank or something at 1, leaving Josh to have to count it instead. When he got back, the two of them got into quite an argument about it, and how he (Alain) *always* counts Karry's till and such. According to Josh, he can get him fired for doing that.

Then, at the end of the night (on Tuesday), Josh was outside scraping ice off his windshield and windows, and I'd just finished mopping inside, so I went to the back door to see if he was almost finished. What did he ask? "Can you set the alarm?" So which is worse here, Josh. Getting someone fired over a dispute that could've easily been solved by explaining why you counted the till off, or telling me your alarm code (for the third time), when I, as a regular employee, should not even be thinking about it. I know they're two separate things, really, but the hypocrisy...

And as a last thing, I've also received an email that I'm going to wait 'till tomorrow to act on, just in case that item should miraculously show up (for what it's worth, they're offering to ship another one out to me, but I'd hate to take advantage of them like that :\)

Anyways, more Knytt Stories 'till they get back from grocery shopping, and we have to bring everything in~