January 28th, 2008

One Thing...

And it's a good thing, too. I woke up at ~2:30, and from then 'till 4, kept having these really short dreams (maybe five minutes at most), where I'd go downstairs, check the table in the dining room to see if anything had arrived for me, see that there was nothing and be disappointed, then actually wake up, and realize that I was dreaming, and that there was still a good chance they were actually down there :p

And they are. Those arm warmers, to be specific <3 Of course, EB Games still doesn't have No More Heroes in, but they should have it sometime this week. Nothing in terms of those other three things either, but with time~

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Oh, and heh. Just switched over to my GMail tab to check if anything changed. "Paypal" has contacted me to say it has detected unusual activity in my account. Spam, of course, which is why it was detected as such. However, last night at work once again, we were listening to CKSY, and John Tesh was giving his little speech about online security, then played a call he'd received a little while ago (presumably). The caller seemed to feel so proud of herself for having received one of the same types of emails (just the one where it tells you your account was accessed from overseas), and how she actually phoned Paypal ("Direct"), and how they told her to do exactly what the site says. Forward the email, in it's entirety, to them.

As cruel as it may be, if you actually think those emails are real, after reading all the warnings about them on the internet, you deserve to have your account compromised. I realize that's not fair if you're new to computers or the internet, but in that case, look for help on Paypal's site, or ask someone that knows about such things if you're unsure about something.

Anyways though, it's Monday, so I have to do the dishes, but before that, time to open this package :3