January 30th, 2008

This Kind of Weather is Just... <3

If there was actually snow blowing around, it'd be even better, but can't be too fussy now :p So yeah. The power went off once around 1:30 this morning. Then again less than five minutes later, at which point Steve said we were closed, and I set about trying to clean the grill with absolutely no light (save for what my DS could provide) to see by. Then the lights came back on around 1:40, so I cleaned hot line while I had the chance, then called Dad, swept, took out the garbage and cardboard while Steve mopped, and we left.

And then as we were pulling out of the parking lot, looking down in the direction of Shoppers and such, it looked like there was nothing out there.

I should be in bed right now, seeing as I'm going to Heart and Stroke in the morning, but meh. I wasn't planning on getting out right at 2 :3

Probably wouldn't hurt to at least head up to my room, but before that, two things.

[1] Sometime after I left for work, Adam went out and bought a wireless guitar for his 360. Upon coming home, I saw that he'd left a note for me, to say that I could use it, as long as I didn't, in his words "rape the whammy bar or something". So that's good, but frustrating as well, for reasons that should be all too obvious. Anyways...

[2] Got an email from SPark this afternoon, to say that my footpaws were the next project on her list, and to ask what I wanted. It's sort of funny. In less than an hour, I was able to decide on something that I couldn't in the ~5 months before :s But I'll be getting something like these, except with snow leopard spots painted onto the fur, and on the bottom, black paw pads surrounded by short white fur <3 And according to her, she hopes to have them done within a couple days, so with any luck, they'll be shipped out on Friday ^^

And with that, it's time that I went upstairs. I'll definitely have to open my window too, because it sounds awesome out there (although I can hear an alarm that's presumably coming from the Wellington Center)~
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P2P Receipting has Officially Been Started

And once again, I am, thus far, the only one working on the computer part of it, but Julie was extremely apologetic about it, because apparently she wanted everything to run smoothly this year, but at least one of the Zone Leaders (Lynn) is taking routes in her area / zone that canvassers can't do for whatever reason, which is screwing things up already :s But all I did today was assigning the receipt book (numbers) to their respective areas (Chatham, Blenheim, Wallaceburg, etc.), then I went through again after that and specified the names for the Zone Leaders and Area Captains of those areas. It's not quite done yet, but at least I know what I'll be doing for the first part of next Wednesday~

That aside though, just got done playing Guitar Hero III for a bit, now that we have a guitar that works :p Like anything, it's going to take some getting used to. Interestingly though, when I came downstairs earlier this morning and walked through the dining room, I glanced at the table to see if that game might've arrived for Adam (I want to get to it first, so I can ask for my money in exchange for it), and didn't see it, but noticed another copy of Guitar Hero III. I'd assumed he just bought a replacement guitar, but to actually buy a whole new "package" seems rather extreme :\

I really should contact the guy I got the one yesterday from, in terms of a replacement, but given that I didn't actually buy it on eBay, I don't know what the chances of it working out are. Feh.

So yeah. I had planned on going to sleep when I got back home as well, but one thing led to another, and I'm back downstairs. Whatever, I guess. I think Karen works tonight, so if we end up sending someone home because it's not busy enough, I could always ask to go instead. Would it screw Michelle over? Yes, but it'd be a perfect chance for Karen to *ahem* show how much she knows about closing line.

Probably won't happen, thinking about it, but oh well.


In about one hour, Adam's managed to do something to his 360 to cause it to have the "red rings of death", and has gone out and bought one of the Halo 3 ones (once again, must be nice), and I've managed to brick my PSP Slim attempting to install this. I should be able to fix that problem though. It's just a matter of downloading the stuff again to "switch" my battery, as well as downloading the other appropriate files, and there seem to be very clear directions here. Leaving that 'till I get home from work though,

Also, he (Adam) was talking to Josh on MSN as well, and for one, he's now closing, and also, the front sign apparently got blown down / over by the wind last night. I can't wait to see it :3 Or maybe they were referring to the drive through menu board... *shrug* Pity it most likely won't be happening again tonight ;_;

But yeah. Josh'll probably be here anytime now, so I'm going to play some Guitar Hero III on the *new* 360 'till he shows up :p