February 5th, 2008

Lots of Lightning...

But hardly any thunder. Or rain ;_; Of course, snow is much, much nicer, but a rainstorm is nice too.

Aside from the weather though, first thing for now: this is really annoying. "Uninstalled" Ubuntu last night, after getting overly frustrated with not being able to get the sound working (yeah), and I figured I'd use that partition to attempt to install Leopard on, but it's still downloading, because it gave me a CRC error the first time, like I said in my previous entry. So that's fine. It'll give me something to do considering I have another three days off coming up. For some reason though, everything in XP has slowed down to a crawl. Well, that, and then I tried to enable the "Prompt for password" option in the screensaver settings earlier, and I couldn't get my desktop back afterwards :s

So perhaps tomorrow after getting home from work or something, I'll back up everything that I want to keep, completely reinstall XP, repartition, and go from there. That is, assuming everything I'm downloading is done by then :p

As for work / closing early, we certainly did. 15 minutes earlier than we were supposed to, actually. But whatever. We didn't see any cars pull in after, so there should be no complaints from the customers. Was extremely slow as well, enough so that everything was pretty much ready to go by 12:45. Almost lost it with Karen once again though, over mopping, this time. After watching me do it (properly) while we were deckscrubbing, she took the mop and bucket out into the dining room, and somehow got the floor wet enough that it took over an hour to dry :\ I'd say it more or less comes down to wanting things done the way you're used to, but in the case of what she did tonight, I'd think common sense would tell her "The floor shouldn't be this wet". Oh well.

As planned though, I have Rogue Galaxy down here, but first, I'm going to try this Zack & Wiki once more~
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Game is Here

And because Adam isn't, I'm making sure that I get my $40 before he gets his hands on it :p

Once again, I'm up early as well, so I suppose tonight I could try turning my fan up to the second speed or something, and see what happens, because one of the things I've noticed is that it gets really warm in there :\ Well, what happened this morning didn't help either. Woke up at ~10, ran across the hallway to the bathroom, then back into my room, and for some reason my leg hurt like you wouldn't believe.

Also, for the second time now, that ISO wouldn't extract. So I found a torrent with quite a few less seeders, that's just the ISO, and which should be done downloading in about six hours. But then I also realized last night that I have to go to Heart and Stroke tomorrow afternoon, so staying up really early in the morning to get things ready isn't going to happen. I also have to walk to work tonight, but that's fine. As long as it either stays like it is out there, or gets even colder <3

Anyways, I have a bunch of renaming and copying to do now (for those two soundtracks), but first, I feel like playing a couple songs in Guitar Hero III.
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They're Taunting Meeeeee~

Obviously had to leave feedback for that game, and when I went to eBay, saw something that led here. Scrolled down a bit, amazed at all of them that hadn't been there when I looked before, then saw the snow leopard one ;_; They're just blankets, FFS. However, just saying that is hardly an ideal solution :s

But then also emailed SPark to ask if my footpaws would be going out this week, and apparently not. Her schedule's been switched around or something, thereby preventing her from being able to go to the post office on Friday. Oh well. She did say she'd let me know when she finished them, but I should probably ask her if she'll let me see what they look like as well :3

And other than that, have everything ready to go for 7, and backing all that stuff up is pretty much done. Unfortunately, the ETA on that torrent has now gone up to 11 hours :\ Feh. Hopefully it'll be done by the time I get home from Heart and Stroke tomorrow, at latest.

Anyways, yeah. I think that's it. I just didn't want to have to go to work with the beginning thing still on my mind :x