February 6th, 2008

Almost Done

Oh, do you now? Just got up and came downstairs, and the first thing Dad said was "I need to go through your room to get a business envelope". Well, actually, the first thing he asked me was "Are you going volunteering today?" Stupid questions are a waste of everyone's time, and by that I mean that if I wasn't, I'd still be upstairs in bed right now. But then I could care less if he has to go through my room as well. Only thing out that I'd rather he didn't see is those purple arm warmers, and it's too late to go up there and hide them now~

But yeah. That ISO was just about done downloading when I got home from work, and Josh came in for a bit anyways because Adam was still up, so we got to playing Guitar Hero III (and killing off all of Adam's villagers and such in Age of Empires on the computer :p). It finished about half an hour after that, so I burned it to one of the DVDs I got from Walmart a couple days ago, and now it's just a matter of backing up a couple more files I've downloaded since then, and installing it. I know it boots fine too (unlike the iAKTOS version), because I tried it first. Unfortunately, none of my current partitions could be used for the installation, but I'm going to assume that's because they're all NTFS.

And it's interesting as well. The one morning I actually have to get up and go somewhere, I get a mostly uninterrupted sleep from the time I go to bed, to when I wake up. "Mostly" because I had to get up and turn my alarm clock off, but meh. Certainly heartening for next time :3

As for work last night, frustrating, at best. Not because we were busy, but because when I walked in there, I was told I'd be on drive through, and was sort of miffed, but didn't want to say anything then. Cindy L. was steaming, and she didn't do that bad for the most part, but anyways... All of the prices got changed this morning (Josh says that aside from a couple items, everything went up twenty cents or so), so for at least an hour, they were out in the dining room changing all the menu boards. So what would happen when someone came into the dining room to get food. One of them would rush in to take the order, and yell for me to come up and make it, while I'm in the middle of doing dishes. I did not even bother. Of course though, they took my unwillingness to help to mean that I was in a bad mood, and, on Josh's part, said that I was being lippy, and from Cindy, asking me way too many times if I was grumpy. Thankfully, I have more days off now.

Anyways though, I have to go. Yay~

Didn't Work ;_;

Install went more or less alright, after figuring out that I had to keep moving the mouse to keep it from freezing (yes), but then it prompted me to reboot, so I did, and got "b0 error" :\

So whatever. The Leopard partition is unaccessible right now for some reason, but I plan on reinstalling Partition Magic eventually, formatting it back to NTFS, and using it for torrents. Maybe just 10GB or so...

But as for this afternoon, boring, as usual, but I got alot done, and it's snowing quite heavily now too :3 Like I said before, the rain is nice, but snow is even better <3

As should be obvious though, I've got some stuff to change back now~
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