February 12th, 2008

Somewhat Better

Slept 'till 2, although I woke up at noon having to go to the bathroom, but didn't want to get up, because it was nice and warm in my bed <3 Couldn't quite get back to sleep after that though, the reason for which I'll talk about in a bit, but the pillow thing seems to have worked. Maybe when my next day off rolls around I'll be able to try for 4:00 or later. There's nothing really bad with getting up early, unless there's nothing to do, but it's just that I used to be able to sleep 'till 4 or later in the afternoon, and suddenly I can hardly make it past 2, so it's weird.

Anyways, Collapse )

As for other things, got that email, as expected, but there's no sign of that package yet :\ Still three more days to go, so I suppose it could still show up...

Get to walk to work tonight, and will be there 'till at least midnight, with Karen and Steve. That's when I'm scheduled to leave, but we're only open 'till 1, so I'll probably just stay the extra hour, because if it's anything like the past two nights have been, we'll be out of there shortly after.

And because I haven't really said anything about it yet: No More Heroes. Beat Destroyman just before I went to bed last night, which was an interesting fight. Was quite satisfying seeing him get cut in half at the end though. Now I get to go around and collect another 200,000 of whatever currency is used in the game, so I think Rogue Galaxy is going to come first :p

Getting hungry again though, so it's time to go see what's in the kitchen~