February 21st, 2008

Long Day

Or so it feels like it's been. I'm giving myself 'till about 5:30 right now, because we're going grocery shopping tomorrow afternoon, and there's a couple things I hope / want to pick up while we're out there. Suffice to say, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is one of them, because they didn't have it today. Meh :\

Did get my footpaws though, which, to be entirely honest, aren't quite what I pictured when I described them originally. I wanted the long fur to end just before the toes, so it's length would be enough to cover up to, but not including them. And like I said a couple times already, there aren't any claws, but other than that, they're alright <3 For some reason though, one side of the box has "Happy Cat Gargoyle" (all three words on different lines) written in black magic marker, and if it wasn't so utterly pointless, I'd email SPark right now to ask what it was about :p

Also, beat Professor Layton and the Curious Village. Well, not quite, but the only puzzles remaining are those from the "Puzzle Master's House", and the Wi-Fi downloads. Unfortunately, Adam screwed up my goal of collecting all the Picarats possible, but oh well. It was only three or so. And just so I don't forget, "1B1G5F0B" is the code needed for "The Secret Door of Mystere", on my white DS Lite. I'll probably still pick up the sequel when it comes out, but it's rather underhanded of them to do that in the first place. I appreciate they'll get more sales of the second game because of it, but I'm sure there are several other more suitable requirements that they could've placed on what you unlock.

On the topic of my DS, plan on phoning Nintendo sometime tomorrow to see about getting my other one fixed. I've put it off for long enough. $75 (at least) isn't cheap, but between leaving it on my shelf 'till I finally put it away somewhere, or actually sending it in and getting it fixed, I'd have to choose the second one.

As for other little things, Michelle is finally back on the next schedule, and I went to Tim Hortons tonight (didn't go on Wednesday after all), and looking up at the moon, it looked sort of red. Then I came back home, several hours passed, and I went downstairs again to play a few songs on Guitar Hero III, and in short order Naomi came down as well, and said she was going out on the front porch to "Take a picture of the eclipse". Went out with her, and the moon was just really bright. I'm not sure if that's the expected outcome of one, but last time I heard anything about them *here*, I was in grade 4 or 5 :s

Anyways, yeah, bed~
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Frustrating Dream

Was sort of a cross between playing Professor Layton, and reading some sort of comic book. On the very last page of the book / the very end of the game, there was a small door, built into a large stone wall. "Stone" because it looked natural - not like bricks. The whole scene / setting was really dark too, as if it were night. The door itself was strange as well, in that it was almost entirely as dark as the wall (but not so much that it didn't stand out), except for quite a few extremely thin, and very closely bunched together (in the middle, at least) colored lines. Orange, bright Pink, and Green, from what I can remember. I'm sure I have a wallpaper that looks almost exactly like it (just alot more clear), but anyways~

A password was required to (big surprise) open the door. At first I guessed "Horizon" or something close to it, which was wrong, causing one of the other guys with me to get extremely angry. And on a site note, maybe it's just the power of suggestion, but as close as I can recall right now, he looked like the guy in the game, who you find in the sewers, that unlocks the park for you. So he carried on for a good 30 seconds, and when he finally calmed down, the little "Incorrect" screen appeared, and down below it, there was a hint. All I can remember of it was that it was the name of an animal specific to the game had the letter "C" in it.

Tried using that, and got told it was incorrect again, causing the other guy to get pissed off and angry once more, and that time when the hint screen came up, it said something like "You really thought that was going to be the answer?"

From there, the game part of the dream ended, and switched into the comic part. Flipped over a page, and saw something that I swear came from a furry one I've seen before, but I could only see the bottom panel, and a speech bubble that said *ahem* "Let's make use of this soap".

Getting sort of angry myself at not being able to find out what was behind the door, I flipped back a page, to see the same scene from the game part of the dream, with the door still closed and locked, so I tried flipping over one more page again, to see if I missed anything, then back to the table of contents, and all I can really say about that was some of the words were blue, as if they were hyperlinks.


We're going grocery shopping as soon as Mom gets back though, so I suppose I should go get ready :3