February 28th, 2008

Good to Know~

Email from Nintendo, as follows:

"We wanted to let you know that your components are being shipped back to you. You may expect to receive them in the next 2-7 business days."

First of all, I disagree with the use of "may". Am I, in this case, being given permission to expect them next week? Seems like something I should have from the beginning. "Can" works, but sounds a bit... commanding, too. Feh.

Anyways, I completely forgot to put "Attn: Repairs" on the Purolator slip too, but at least I know they got it safely. The one thing that's still unclear is what I'm going to be getting back, but I told the guy on the phone that if they were able to repair the one I was calling about, I'd like it back, but if not, I'd take one of the plain black ones. The pink is nice as well, but it'd be much better if it was pink on the outside, and white inside. Meh.

Michele also sent me an email, to apologize for not being in yesterday, and also to ask if, for March, I could come in on Tuesday and / or Thursday, as well as Wednesday, because we're expected to have it (the P2P receipting) done by June. I'm not sure if she means the beginning or end of the month... It's tempting though. She offered the incentive of giving me more of the summer off, because she won't have much for me to do then. The best I can think of to say for right now is "We'll see".

Turnabout Corner is still coming along pretty well, but I can't help the feeling that even though Stickler has confessed to a certain crime already, he still has something to hide. And on the topic of games, this one is pretty fun too. Sort of annoying that the "notes" always go in pattern, depending on what part of the level you're in, but I like it otherwise :3

Other than that, like I said yesterday, we're going out for supper around 5, followed by work at 9, then two days off. It's about time I went back downstairs though~
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That was Fast

Everyone just took off all at once (Dad had to go to work, and the rest of them are going grocery shopping), so I took having the house to myself to do something I wouldn't be able to otherwise. At ~4:00, someone started knocking on the door, and I really didn't want to answer it, so I just continued with what I was doing, and they finally left. Came down here a couple minutes later and opened the door, to find a little delivery slip, not from Shoppers, but from Purolator. I have to wait 'till after 9 tomorrow morning to pick it up, but whatever. It's my fault I didn't get up to answer the door, so yeah :p

Anyways, we're leaving. Supper :3