March 1st, 2008

He'd Better Not be Guilty ;_;

Wow... 6:00. It feels like it's been forever since I've been up this late. Sort of a nice change...

Anyways, the title. "He" is Daryan Crescend, who, specifically, is someone involved in "Turnabout Serenade". I wish I could find a screenshot of the game to show what / who I'm talking about, but maybe tomorrow night or something, after everyone's gone to bed. The first thing that came to mind when I saw him was effectively "<3" (perhaps "Cute" too). His shirt / jacket is really nifty, and to be perfectly honest, about 5 minutes after I first encountered him, I started wondering "I wonder if SPark would take a commission for something like that, and if she would, how much would she charge?" Yes, he is just a character in a videogame, but do allow me to have my fun, please ^^; Seriously, it's a definite possibility, unless I can figure out something with the same color scheme and style that I'd like even more.

Getting to sleep is going to suck though. Almost every single time I close my eyes, I see red, green, and blue "notes" (long, thin rectangles, really) "falling" down as they do in Synaesthete. The game itself is definitely fun, but for now, it's way too short. I added their news feed to my bookmarks toolbar though, so hopefully they release another version with more songs, perhaps with other difficulties, and options to increase the note spacing (like the hyperspeed cheat in Guitar Hero II and III). That'd be awesome.

It's time for bed though. I just had to say those things before I called it a night ^^

What a Very Eventful Day

I woke up at ~4, checked my email and RSS feeds, etc. for anything interesting, then started back into "Turnabout Serenade" again. It's 10:40 right now, and I finished it, oh, say, 20 minutes ago. Seems alot shorter than Turnabout Corner, but then again, I did work on it for two six hour stretches :p If I didn't have these two days off, I would be rather disturbed, but I do, so yeah :3

As for the thing in my previous entry, I really don't think it's going to go anywhere. If I went to SPark about getting such a thing, it'd most likely be made out of fur, which would be fine by me if it was, well, machine washable. I'm sure some types are, but at the moment, I don't particularly feel like fussing with such details, and I don't want to go to anyone else, because in the half hour or so I took to look last night, not one site listed general prices, and that can't be a good thing :\ Like I said though, I still really like the colors, and the jagged tooth-like things around the collar, so just maybe I'll eventually find something else to use that in, but right now, meh.

Because I've spent the entire day up here though (almost, at least), I haven't had anything to eat, aside from a couple of those muffins I made last night. Thus, I'm considering heading to 7-11, so maybe around 11:30...

As for the beginning of Turnabout Succession, I can't exactly say I care for the sound of this "Jurist System", and that's about it. Maybe I'll have more to say tomorrow afternoon or something~