March 2nd, 2008


In an effort to make it so that I could push the foot of my bed right up against the wall, I took all my games off the shelf they're on, so I could move it up a little bit, and in the process, I noticed that I seemingly have more DS game boxes than the games themselves. After some comparing, I've come to the conclusion that I'm "missing" the following:

[*] Nintendogs
[*] Feel the Magic
[*] Pac Pix
[*] Tetris DS
[*] New Super Mario Bros.
[*] Trace Memory
[*] Spyro Shadow Legacy
[*] Kirby Canvas Curse
[*] Super Princess Peach

Adam says he has Tetris DS, but doesn't know where it is (no surprise there), and Naomi "hasn't had any DS games in a long time". Frankly, I don't believe one bit of that, but it's not worth the trouble to argue with her. If things go as I hope, I'll be taking a look for myself sooner or later, but before I say too much, I'm going to tidy up my floor a bit, and go back to Turnabout Succession...
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"A Couple More Days"

The 360 was on when I came down here, and still is right now. Asked Adam how much longer he's going to be with it, and that's the answer I got. He's been "doing" the same thing for over a week now, so I explained (in not so many words) that if it's still on when I come downstairs tomorrow, he can find something else to do. I don't care if that ends up being just coming in here and playing games on the Wii or whatever. He's bound to get bored eventually, and that's exactly what I'm going for.

But also, he was watching some (apparently) hilarious movie down here last night, and would not stop laughing, which was getting really annoying. Instead of going downstairs and telling him to stop, I just reset the modem, and half an hour or so later, went down to get a glass of water. What do I get told? "Rob says we should get Cogeco internet because it doesn't disconnect." As I walked by the table, I glanced at the monitor, and saw him reading the various pricing plans :p Not going to happen, Adam, unless you're going to pay for it yourself.

Didn't make a whole lot of progress in Turnabout Succession though. Tidying the floor up turned into hauling my dresser all the way over to the opposite corner of my room, and moving a couple other things around. By the time I was done with that, it was after 4 :\ Mom and Dad both know that I have to be to work at 8 tonight though, so maybe I'll head back upstairs and play it 'till then~