March 4th, 2008

It Still Feels So Warm Out

I don't particularly want to be up this early, but considering that I wasn't all that tired anyways, I suppose it works. So I plan on going there (Heart and Stroke) at 2, and staying there 'till 4, then I'll come home, possibly sleep for an hour or so, then get my stuff ready for work, and head out at 7. Tonight's going to suck, simply because Ange is the closing manager over supper, and Josh, who is closing, doesn't start until 8 either. But given what's been happening quite a bit lately (her asking if she can go home early due to not feeling well), she'll be gone at 8 anyways. I can almost say for certain that I'll be on drive through too, but line has been getting thoroughly annoying as of late, so yeah :s

And... hmm... I really can't think of anything to write otherwise.

Watched the intro of Turnabout Succession again last night, and there were a couple questions I came up with from it. For one, what's with the "And that's the whole truth of this case" line at the beginning? Are they talking about Drew Misham being murdered, or could it be related to all the "7 years ago" stuff that's still flying around? Second one is: might Vera somehow be involved in that case? All the other intros show stuff that's already happened, but then I'd assume the static that you see after she falls to be the screen fading out wherever the jurors are, which obviously couldn't have happened yet. And finally, who is the guy you see right at the end? My first guess was going to be Edgeworth, but the hair doesn't look right, so the only other guess I have at the moment is Kristoph - his arms are crossed, and even though you can't see his eyes, he's got that whole smug look all about his face. Have to play more to find out :3

I'm sitting right in front of the TV though, so I might as well play Guitar Hero III for a bit~

Interesting :3

First thing Julie said to me when I walked into Heart and Stroke this afternoon was "You know my daughter-in-law" or something like that, followed by a bit about the card I mailed out exactly a week ago. Wasn't expecting that, but thankfully, she didn't say anything outside of it :s

Then the rest of the afternoon was comprised of P2P receipting, adding up checks for Michele, and being asked and told several times to have a piece of cake :p As it turned out though, Mom pulled up just as I was tidying up, so I left without so much as another word. But I'm back tomorrow though, and one can only imagine that there'll still be some left then.

Since I've got at least two hours though, I might as well try to make some more progress in Turnabout Succession. Left off at having to spot Brushel's nervous twitch, so maybe I can find it now~
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