March 13th, 2008

Never Again

Not a good way to start the day. Just came down here to find an envelope on the counter for me, the contents of which were an invoice from FedEx, stating that I had to pay them $16.00 for delivering a package that I got several months ago. The only listed payment methods were credit card or check, so I asked Dad if he could take care of it, and I'd pay him back when I give them their money tomorrow, and he said yes, so that's relieving. Incidentally, the package in question is the same one they left outside without so much as letting someone know (believe me - I'd be alot more pissed off if I got an invoice but no package), which I'm still rather miffed at.

Unfortunately, it means that I'm going to be withdrawing $220 tonight instead of just $200, *and* I'll be stopping by 7-11 and spending ~$8, so that'll be half of my pay ;_; I probably shouldn't be complaining, but feh.

Otherwise though, still working on "The Subspace Emissary" here. Up to "The Great Maze", which isn't quite as mazelike as the name makes it sound :s Still plenty of time before I have to leave for work though, so hopefully I'll have this level beaten before then. And as for tonight, Cindy L., Steve, and me closing. Apparently they're bringing someone in to clean out the grease trap today, which is both long overdue and very welcome, because I'm getting sick of the thing flooding every time someone tries to empty the sinks :s It's most likely getting done because the auditor was there on Tuesday, I think, and that's likely one of the things they wanted done :p

Anyways, back to Smash Bros. for now. Still haven't told John anything about it, actually, but maybe on the weekend sometime :3
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