March 18th, 2008

They're So Polite :3

The text underneath the rim of my Tim Hortons cup told me to "Please Play Again". That likely won't happen, but there was something funny (as in amusing funny) about what Karen said about them earlier tonight. Her and Ange got a couple drinks from there, and when she (Karen) finished hers, she proceeded to roll the whole rim up, get a disappointed look on her face, throw the cup in the garbage, and ask me if I knew why she rolled the whole thing. Told her no, and she said something about her "cousin's uncle" or some other obscure relative doing the same, and finding the picture of the truck on the side opposite from the "Please Play Again" text. Sounds like the same thing everyone said in public school: "My uncle works at / owns this popular place" (the one time I remember it getting told to me, it was the Wild Zone :x), or "This relative of mine you'll never end up meeting owns all this cool stuff that I just know you would die to get at".

And a couple random facts as well.

[1] My Permatabs extension has just up and stopped working again, which may be because I presently have 24 tabs open, but interestingly enough, the only two tabs I'd made permanent (one on my GMail, one on my LJ) are still colored the same :s
[2] I need a(nother) chair up here. There's one right now, but all those fur throws and my giant tail are presently on it ;_; By the end of the month though, I might have a solution to that problem, so we'll have to see.

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As for other things, closing tonight went remarkably well, and as I sort of expected from the beginning, Ange was more or less in a pleasant mood for the entire night. The dining room was closed ten minutes early, as was the whole store, which is alright, I guess. Next time I work with her is Friday, from 8 - close, but that's alright, because we'll be getting paid time and a half :3

Anyways, I don't have to be to sleep for another couple hours (technically), but I think I've covered the most important stuff for now, so I'm going to move down to my bottom bunk again, and see about tidying up some of these tabs~

Where is Everyone?

Unless Mom's up and forgotten again (quite possible, considering it's happened before), she agreed to give me a ride to Heart and Stroke at 2 when I asked her yesterday. However, I just woke up and came down here, and I swear I'm the only one in this house. Normally Dad's at least in the living room working on his stuff, so it's strange.

The only thing of note is that there's a rather large box on the kitchen table containing Naomi's old laptop. So I suppose that makes sense. Send in the one you have to get fixed (or replaced, possibly), but as opposed to asking to use the computer down here in the interim, you either go out and buy another one, or (more likely) have Mom buy it for you on the condition that it'll be getting returned and refunded when your old one gets back to you.

And also, before I went to sleep last night, I was going over closing at work, because I could've sworn there was something I forgot, and I finally remembered. I left the little side of cup I was using to scoop the beef in the carryover pan :s I suppose that's negligible though.

There we go. They're back. Mom and Dad, at least.

But before I leave (I can hear Mom knocking on my door upstairs asking me if I'm going to Heart and Stroke at 2 :p), if you're online tonight, Hawk, perhaps we can talk about this whole visit-to-London thing in a bit more detail then. Talking about it in the email is fine, but like I said in my previous entry, I feel really awkward having it centered around what I want to do lately, as well as that it'd be alot quicker to do it the other way ^^;

With that though, I'm off. At least upstairs before Mom starts knocking on my door again~

Where to Start...

[1] Went to Taco Bell tonight to get some food, and saw Steve, so we got to talking while I was waiting for my order. Apparently Josh has been suspended, for what reason he didn't specify. That wouldn't be so bad (I don't work with him a whole lot right now anyways) if he weren't the one that made the schedule, but with any luck, maybe he still will be :\
[2] Upon getting home from Heart and Stroke this afternoon, I came right up here and grabbed my footpaws, then went downstairs, put them on, and started playing Smash Bros. Brawl. An hour or so later, Mom walked through to do something in the kitty room (or cat room, if it makes a difference), and said "Those are cool slippers". They. Aren't. Slippers ;_;

As for the going to London thing, for now, it looks like it's going to be Sunday to Tuesday afternoon / evening, but the exact date still has to be set. Like I said while we were chatting earlier, I figured I might bring my Wii and Smash Bros. (at least - maybe Wii Sports and Super Mario Galaxy too) with me, in order to give the furs that are into videogames something to do after the main activity of the furmeet is over. Of course, this is all very idealistic, but yeah. Oh, and if I were to bring my laptop, do you guys have wireless internet, Hawk? Last time I was there, I scanned for access points with my PSP, but they were all encrypted ;_; There's an idea running through my head right now, in which I add Adam (my brother) to my MSN, and see if he can guess who it is :p If not, that's fine (I'll still probably bring it anyways), but meh.

And then after that, *shrug* Looking on VIA Rails' site, it was $55 or so for a round trip ticket, which isn't all that bad, assuming it'd be once a month or so. To be honest, going by train was actually one of the things I thought of back when going for the first time was brought up, but the problem there was having somewhere to stay overnight. However, it appears that now I might :3 I'm still having a hard time getting over the feeling of being imposing by expecting such a thing though :\

But for the passport thing, filled out the form over here (the "order an original receipt" link), so I'm waiting on that for now. (Approximately) two weeks to wait~

I've got a few hours before I have to be asleep though, so I'm going to do what I've been meaning to for several days now - back a bunch of files up onto my external hard drives. Yay :p
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