March 25th, 2008

Another One >:3

This time the SSID is "dlink". Yay. Same default password as before, but the settings page looks different. Meh. I suppose it's a good thing, really. Should our wireless ever stop working for some reason, I know there are two I can fall back on~

Sort of eventful night otherwise though. After Adam got home from work, he asked me if I was going to Uncle Brent and Aunt Carol's with him on the 19th, and I asked him what he was talking about. It'd be nice if Mom or Dad let me know about these things (I could ask Aunt Carol or Uncle Brent directly, but I don't know either of their email addresses, and it'd be a bit awkward asking them "So when are we having our next family get-together thing?"

Anyways, when Dad called to get picked up from work, I went along, to book that day off (which brings my count of days I actually need off up to four now (normally it's rare for me to even have one a month) :s), but that'll be fun anyways. Go up there and come back on the same day (and watch - if she comes, Naomi will bring her laptop, guaranteed), wait a couple days, then be heading to London to, well, like I posted before "Let some of the furriness out" ^^ Speaking of which though, like I said in the email, Hawk, I'd definitely like it more to get picked up by you (I'm sure we could find *something* to talk about (we can't have exhausted everything already :p)), but what about getting back? I could just assume that won't be a problem as well, but I'd rather get an answer from you, than jump to conclusions and end up wondering what I'm going to do come that Tuesday :x

And otherwise, I'm tidying up my room right now, and trying to find a better place to put my tails at the same time. They used to be on my top bunk before, as I've said at least a couple times, but that same place has become somewhere I now do whatever I feel like when I don't want to be downstairs or asleep.

Back to cleaning though. This was originally just supposed to be about the router / access point and trip, and I plan on leaving it at that before I write too much more~

Edit: One more thing, actually. I couldn't help but smile when I read this :3 Might not exactly be a stupid customer related thing, but it definitely belongs there anyways. Now I'm going to bed.
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Stuff in the Mail

[1] Another envelope from FedEx. This time, containing a one-page note that says I sent them the wrong copy of the money order, blah blah blah. Umm... yes. I realized that. I also sent you the pink one a couple days later. Does that mean that you're now going to send that one back, and ask that I send both it and the bottom part of the first letter you sent me in at once?
[2] An envelope from Heart and Stroke soliciting donations. No again. That large sum you got from me a while back was a one-time thing. Well, not really, considering they got $160 (I think) a few years before that as well. I still have the receipts up in my room, so I could check, but the point is the envelope is still going in the recycling.
[3] Something from "Utrecht". I can't even find it on the site without using the search box, but I'll leave you to guess what it is anyways :3

There's actually one other thing I'm expecting this week, but maybe tomorrow or something. And then my payment for one of those R4DSes is supposed to have cleared today too, but I've yet to receive an email from Paypal saying so. Meh.

And I'm up this early today because I actually got quite a good sleep last night. However, I went to bed at ~3, and woke up again at 3:30 or so because my fan was far too loud, so I got up, turned it down to "1", and walked across the hall to the bathroom before I finally asked myself what I was doing :p From there, I went back into my room, turned my light on, made sure I only turned the fan up one speed, turned the light off, then went back to sleep. And then I had a dream that Hawk was IMing me with the answer to the question I asked him in my previous entry, but other than that, it was nice.

So this afternoon, it's going to be Heart and Stroke from 2 - 4 (I really don't want to have to go on Thursday), then coming home, finding something to do 'till 7, getting my stuff ready, walking to work, eventually coming home, most likely playing a bit of Smash Bros. Brawl with Josh (closing with him and Karen tonight), back upstairs again, doing whatever for an hour or so (probably Avernum 5), then bed :3 Isn't it sort of sad that I already have my entire night planned out? Oh well.

Anyways, if what Naomi said when I came down here is true, the alarm on my DS is still going off upstairs, so I'd better go get that~