March 26th, 2008

Okami ^^

I completely forgot it was coming out for the Wii soon. And looking at GameFAQs' page for it, it's supposed to come out on the 15th of April, so that'd be sweet. Like I said once before, I plan on bringing my Wii and Smash Bros. Brawl with me (along with the only two Wiimotes we have), but I can see Okami going over well at the furmeet too :3 That's assuming EB Games gets it on the 15th (or 16th), but if not, Smash Bros. will have to suffice.

In order to get this out of the way right now though...:

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Item #2 behind that cut goes on to be more interesting, but it has nothing to do with work, so I'll leave it outside. Like I just said, we're going up to Wingham (or wherever they live close to it) on the 19th, getting home later that night (probably around 1 or 2 in the morning), which is usually what happens in those circumstances. Last time, going home was awesome because I got the entire back seat to myself, and was able to stretch out and play Phoenix Wright :3 Anyways though, it wasn't until I was going over recent events earlier tonight (specifically, marveling at the fact that I'd never have dreamed I'd be where I'm at (so to speak) right now, a couple months ago), that I realized "Hey. I'm going to London the day after we go to Wingham..."

Had I realized that sooner, there I might have even been able to ask Mom and Dad to drop me off there on the way home, but that'd be both incredibly rude and awkward (I seem to be using that word an awful lot lately), and they'd undoubtedly want to know why I want to be dropped off somewhere that's upwards of an hour and a half away from home, and if anything, I plan on leaving that 'till I actually get there :s

It's still going to be a fun weekend / first half of the week though ^^

Otherwise, I'm thinking about sending Michele an email to ask about going there from 2 to 5 tomorrow instead of 12 'till 4. I can't see any reason she'd say no, and I'd like to play some more Avernum 5 before I go to bed. Once again though, I've forgotten the other stuff I wanted to write, so I should at least do that...

I Feel Very Silly Right Now ;_;

Is it the 20th, or the 27th? The 20th seemed so much more... "right" when I was writing that entry, but now I think it might actually be the 27th :s Feh. I'd call them right now and ask "What days do I have booked off in April?", if I didn't know they're probably just starting their lunch rush, and they wouldn't appreciate being called about that anyways :p Like I've said (two times) already though, I'll look again tonight, and actually write it down on a piece of paper.

Otherwise though, I had planned on going back to sleep for a bit, but I can't now. Meh. I know I'll be getting a ride to work tonight, so I can always come home and sleep for another hour or so. And then I've got nothing going on tomorrow (aside from work at 8), so I can sleep in as late as I want then :3

I wonder if Jacques will be there today though. I left him a curt little comment in the Receipt Management spreadsheet before I left yesterday that said something like "NO MORE RED BOXES PLEASE. IF THERE'S A PROBLEM, MAKE THE WHOLE LINE THAT LIGHT GREEN COLOR (NOT THE *WHOLE* LINE - JUST WHAT'S IN THE TABLE), AND PUT A COMMENT IN THE "Canvasser" CELL TO INDICATE WHAT THE PROBLEM IS". Yes, all caps, and that part is bolded. I try to get my point across.

The problem there is that they've found several names / kits already that have to be switched around, but as opposed to marking problems the same way I am in the rest of the thing, he's just changing the color of the cell at the end of the line to red, and italicizing the canvasser's name, without any indication who that kit / canvasser has to be switched with.

So right away, pick one or the other. Italics are much more difficult to notice when scrolling thorough the thing at a quick speed (and I doubt there's an option to search based on cell contents formatting :p), or, much more preferably, read the little legend I have in the top-right corner. As I finish each one, I change the background of the cell with the amount to blue, and make the text white. If there's a problem, I make the background of the whole line (just what's in the table) light green, leave the text black, and add a comment to the cell the canvasser's name is in, to say what the problem is. You'll also see one line that's pink with white text, and that simply shows where I left off. You don't need to worry about that. There's no reason you can't copy what I'm doing for problems though.

Anyways, when there's only two, it's not a problem, but when there are at least four, like I saw when I opened the thing yesterday, it can be a bit annoying. But for now, I've decided to just say "Screw it" to any problems. I can go back and worry about those after the main part is done.

It's about time I got up though. Maybe there'll be something else waiting for me downstairs~