April 2nd, 2008

Despite Having to Wake Up Early...

I'm not all that tired. It was sort of weird though, given that when I first woke up, I didn't know where I was, but quickly realized I was in bed, then tried to remember the date, so I'd know if I had to work or not. That was followed by me actually saying out loud "What goes on in my head?!" because I could still remember a dream I had shortly before waking up, then I realized we had to get our hair cut "today", but it was only 11, so I could go back to sleep for another hour :s

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So once again, I have the night off, but I'm looking forward to work tomorrow night, as long as it's not really busy. I'm closing with Michelle, Joe, and Ryan. According to Steve, he's already pretty fast on line, and it's nice to work with new employees for at least one shift. Friday is going to be fun too, if only for being able to leave once the dining room is clean.

But one other random thing for now before I head off to 7-11. Signed up for Twitter the other night (click), and already I have two "followers" whom I don't even know :p My first thought was that they might be spammers, but "Prettyvacant99" seems to be legit. I don't know about "juancarzola", but that could easily be fixed if I could be bothered to look at what he's written. It's alot more convenient being able to just open a command prompt and type "twitter [whatever I want to say here]" to post something, although I don't like having my username and password in the clear :\ Oh well.

I might as well just go now though~