April 5th, 2008

Interesting Movie

Click this link, and watch the video, assuming you haven't already seen it (I just saw it in my feed for del.icio.us, so... *shrug*). To be completely honest, listening to the first, half, I thought "This sounds sort of like the American national anthem..." (highlight to read). Something about the pitch of the notes, I guess. Then it started playing "properly" again, and my thoughts switched to "Hey, I was right ^^". Although I have to say that is pretty neat. I've heard songs played backwards before (the whole "backmasking" thing), but never anyone *singing* it backwards that, when played forwards was still audible / legible.

Collapse )

Ran into Seth on the way home too, standing outside that "Café Bean" place across from Canada Trust, so we talked for a bit. All I can remember now is him saying something about me only wearing a t-shirt, then a guy in a pair of dress pants and a business shirt ran by, which led to something about wearing those ridiculously long boots instead of pants :s But he told me to add him to my MSN, so I did, but either I have the wrong address, or he's just offline still. Meh. Random question though: why does Pidgin automatically block any new "buddies" I add? It's strange... But now I have three :3 One of whom I'd like to say "*poke*" to (you know who you are), but meh. Take your time. I see that "61 hours @ work this week & counting" thing there, so I really don't want to rush you.

Otherwise, well, yeah. I have tomorrow off, then work straight 8 - closes 'till Friday, as I know I've already said once. Yay. My main concern is still getting P2P receipting at Heart and Stroke done though. Once that's out of the way, I *hope* Michele will just say "Take the rest of the spring / summer off, and call or email me in September so we can figure out when you're going to come in again."

Anyways, I'm getting quite tired, so it's time for bed~ Perhaps I'll actually sleep in longer than normal tomorrow :3