April 9th, 2008

Well Then...

Having still not seen anything come for me today (aside from a GST check and bank statement), I went back to the "My Account" page over on Digimartz to check if it said that R4DS was even shipped out. The status is still listed as "Pending", when the eCheck cleared on the 25th of March :\ I obviously just sent them an email, so hopefully they'll have replied by the time I get back from Heart and Stroke. So bring that up to three I'm waiting on now :p

Otherwise, will probably be at Heart and Stroke 'till 5, then I have to be at work for 8, where I'm closing with Steve. I'm not sure if I'll be walking there tonight, because I'll be getting myself home, but we'll have to see.

It's time I left though~

Should be Mostly Done Tomorrow

And by "Mostly", I mean the only thing(s) there will be left to do is input amounts as the remaining kits are brought in.

That problem that I thought was going to be difficult to figure out turned out to not be quite as much, but it's still strange. There's one receipt book (538144, I think) right now that's assigned to both Chatham and Thamesville. It was actually used in Chatham, but it was still part of the remaining group when I tried to assign the receipts I needed for Thamesville :s Anyways though, I left a note on Michele's desk saying that I'd be in at 2 tomorrow, because apparently Julie's only there every so often now (I can't remember exactly what I was told, but she's not on any specific schedule, I guess), and she's the only other one that might have an idea of how to fix some of the problems. Well, there's Jacques too, I suppose, but I'm not sure when he's in next either.

In all though, I'm just glad it'll be done before we go to Wingham and I go to London. And then next year, I might just see about making 2 - 5 when I go, in instead of 12 - 4. Or perhaps I'll just talk to Michele about that tomorrow...

Anyways, it's 5, and I don't have to leave 'till 7 (I think I'm going to walk again), but I might as well find something else to do in the mean time~