April 10th, 2008

Reply from Digimartz

One "Winnie" had the following to say:

"We checked with paypal, but your payment is still pending now. So please check with Paypal today again to release your payment."

So now I'm waiting on someone from Paypal to get back to me. I'll admit I thought it was a bit strange when I didn't get any "Your order has been shipped" type email, but hopefully things work out.

Work was busy, but we closed a little earlier than normal again, so we were out of there at ~1:05. One more night tomorrow, with Josh, Steve, Joe, and me (I'm not sure where I got the idea that Michelle was closing), then Friday, which I'm rather looking forward to.

I'm still downstairs though, and the only thing keeping me here is wanting to make something to eat, so I'll do that, then I'm going upstairs~

Smokey's in my Chair, so I'm Sitting on the Floor

^ random fact. Ended up walking home from Heart and Stroke, and the first thing I did when I got home was checked a couple things on my laptop, and ended up sitting down on the floor in the process. Then she just walks up to the chair I normally sit in, jumps into it, and is still there as I type this :s Mom's just out for a walk though, after which she needs me to show her how to get into Word so she can type up a cover letter for some job she's applying for, so I won't be here too much longer :p

P2P receipting is 99% done now though, in that all the problems got taken care of today. I thought Julie wouldn't be in, but she actually was, and was able to help me with most of them. The other one ended up being of the same sort I had to fix yesterday (a sequence of books is assigned to one area, and I need one from that sequence for a different place), then I had to do a couple more birthday things, and then I left. So for now, I'm to call Michele next Wednesday to see if any more of those kits have been brought in, or if there's anything else she wants done, which isn't quite what I was hoping for, but meh.

And otherwise, like I've already said a couple times, work at 8 tonight, and I'm walking once again, because I want to stop by the bank and deposit that check I got yesterday. It's only for ~$80, but that ought to cover all the times I went to 7-11 / Tim Hortons in the past couple weeks, and then some :3

Mom's home though, so this might as well be done for now.

Hardly What I Was Hoping For :\

Got a reply back from "Ruth" at Paypal, who says the following:

"The transaction did clear on 3/25/08. You have 45 days from the original transaction to open a dispute with PayPal for non-receipt of merchandise."

So I opened a dispute, and like I said in it, I still want to get one (an R4DS), so if need be, I'll make sure I have enough to pay with my Paypal balance. I'd just like to get the money from that eCheck back first. Or at least as much of it as possible.