April 16th, 2008

If Only I Could Go Back To Sleep

Michele doesn't need me to come in today. I woke up this early assuming she would, and I don't want to go back to bed, because we're going to Wingham in three days, and I know we'll need to be up early then.

Although on that topic, I'm much more looking forward to it now. It's another perfect example of what happened a while back. If you came to me this past Sunday or Monday and said that things would turn out as they have, I would've refused to believe you. It's one of those things that I can find no way to say "This is just a coincidence" to. I think I've figured out an easy enough way to bring up that I'll be going to London for those three days too. Either while we're there, or on the way home, say "So when's the next time we'll be taking a trip like this? Not until such and such a date? Oh well. I'm going to London on the 27th, so I have that to look forward to~" I've done the same thing before regarding other things I've been reluctant to tell them, and it's worked so far :3

EB Games would probably have Okami if I called them today too, but I think I will wait on that. I have enough to buy it, technically, but for right now, I'm trying to save money. Besides, the one regret I had the first time I went to the furmeet (aside from not knowing if I'd be able to go back) was that I had nothing to remember it by. Even as unrelated as buying a game is, it'd be better than nothing :p

In the meantime though, I'm bored. I spent the entirety of both my day and night yesterday upstairs in my room, and I don't want to do that again :x If nothing else, I might end up going back upstairs to watch the remaining few episodes in season 6 of Home Improvement, until Dad leaves for work. But first, I need to find something to eat >:3

Giving Into Temptation

Even if it's just a couple hours. This afternoon is crawling by way too slowly, so I'm going back to sleep for a bit, and we'll see what happens afterwards. That finding something to eat never went anywhere, because Adam has eaten all the crackers again (big surprise there). I do have the fourth package of them up in my room here, so either I'll have some of those later on, or I'll go up to Tim Hortons tonight.

We're going grocery shopping tomorrow, and I plan on walking up to Taco Bell on Friday to check my schedule (and more than likely get my free Bacon Club Chalupa), so I'll have something to then. Today is just dragging by, but that's what I get for waking up so early, I guess :p

How Strange

I sleep for all of an hour and a half, and I have this weird dream about Dad and I having plans to go down to the lake to go swimming or something, but the weather ends up being bad, so I instead opt to spend my time in some building nearby that felt oddly familiar. Last time we took a vacation as a family, we went to Sauble Beach for about a week, and the building I stayed in in the dream seemed like an exact copy of one of the rooms from the "cottage" we stayed at.

Then there was another one earlier this morning, involving this big "0" shaped racetrack type thing, that all these huge circular vehicles were on. Each one was the width of the "track", divided into (I want to say) 8 equal sections, where each section had a guy with a light inside. Presumably it was some sort of construction plant or something, but said vehicles would run the length of the track, slowly rotating, so the men inside could inspect the track and other such things for problems. They presumably finally finished that though, because suddenly I was up on the roof with a bunch of other men and women. Except the "roof" was like a smooth asphalt driveway or whatever's similar to that. Some lady was there too that seemed to be the one in charge, and started flipping through some book, looking for something, and I started thinking we were going to sing.

Dreams are weird :s


Two Nights in a Row

Michelle just called, and wanted to know if I could come in and close, because there's only two of them working tonight. The first question I asked her was "How soon would you need me to come in?" I mean, if I'm getting called, I'm definitely taking the opportunity to walk there. She said "As soon as possible", because it's apparently been busy since 4, and I was about to tell her "Well, I'll come in at 9, but then the thought of more than likely getting put on line and having to make who knows how many more of those chalupas crossed my mind. I'm not sure what our next promotion is going to be, but at this point, I'd be thrilled to have it even be a grilled item (perhaps those Chicken Caesar Grilled Stuft Burritos again) :\

And also, that's what I get for staying in my room all afternoon again. Mom apparently made hamburgers (minus the bun :s) for supper, and there were still three left when I came back down here, so I stuck one of them in the microwave, then turned around, and happened to notice an envelope that looked suspiciously like the one I received a check in a little while back. It's obviously to do with Income Tax, because there's a note on the back that specifically says it. Amount? A (paltry) $71.54. I included that word in brackets because Adam apparently got ~$1,000 back :x Although perhaps that has something to do with the fact that he tithes, despite that he (to my knowledge) hasn't been to church since that Carols by Candlelight thing at Christmas. I'm sure he'll put the money to *ahem* good use though :p

I'm still happy with what I got, because assuming things continue at this rate, I'll be starting towards $8,000 the pay after next. And speaking of things in the mail, the status on my R4DS is currently "Despatch from Sorting Center". At exactly 11:02:46 tonight. I'd wonder what was going on, if I didn't know that it was coming from China ^^;

I think I will be going to Tim Hortons tonight, given the above development(s), but that can still wait 'till 9. It's going to be nice getting out and taking a walk too, seeing as I haven't left this house since I got home from work Tuesday morning :x

Anyways, I'd started playing Guitar Hero III when I came down here, and Adam's still not using his 360, so I'm going back to that for now~
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It's Not That Difficult ;_;

A couple friends of Adam's are having difficulties with their computer. One's trying to run Vista Home Basic with 512MB of RAM (doable, according to the system requirements for that version, but I'd imagine it's not pretty), and the other simply wants to know how to make their computer faster. He asked me what he should tell them to do.

Friend 1 (Vista)
Buy more RAM? Install XP if you can? I was going to tell him to give her a link to directions on how to adjust the pagefile size (I can see that giving a bit of improvement, if nothing else), but before I could, he said "No, nevermind." Funny story involving that though. I like to call it "Positive (Re)Affirmation via Registry Editing" :p I tried to demonstrate what directions he should give her to find out how much RAM she has installed by right-clicking on the "My Computer" icon, and going to "Properties". I was quickly reminded that a long time ago, I'd fiddled around with a couple entries in the registry, in order to make the "Registered to" section say "Karadur" [newline] "is a furry" ^^; Really an "I didn't expect that to be there..." moment.

Friend 2 (Make things faster)
I told him to tell her to download CCleaner. That was followed by having to tell them the specific URL to type in, which link to click, which link to click again on the new page that loaded, then to click "Run" instead of "Save", then to open the program, then to click "Analyze", then to click "Run Cleaner". I'm assuming she installed IMVU fine, seeing as that's what he talks to them with, so she can't be *that* computer illiterate :s That was followed by explaining several times that they could also download Auslogics' two defragmenting programs. One for the registry, the other for the hard drive itself. Three more times of giving the specific names of the programs, I told him that if she couldn't find it, she should search on Google, and left :x

Also: I talk way too much. At least that's what I think 6 entries in a single day says ^^ Well 5, really, but I posted a private one earlier. It's nothing bad. Just... reflecting on all that's happened since Friday.

Before I head back upstairs for the rest of the night though, another strange thing. There was an ambulance outside Kent Manor for at least 15 minutes earlier tonight. It was still there when I left for Tim Hortons, and as I was crossing over the Lacroix St. bridge (I'm not sure if that particular section is actually Lacroix, but feh to the details), an ambulance went driving past me. I wonder if it was the same one...?

Anyways, yeah. Back to my room I go~