April 18th, 2008

Permatabs has Stopped Working Again

It might have something to do with having installed the 5th beta of Firefox 3 yesterday night. When I went back to the other version though, it had to update to, so meh. I'll restart Firefox soon enough and see if that fixes the problem.

Anyways, it's 1. Woke up at noon, and tonight, I'm going to have to be asleep by 11 (preferably), because according to Mom, we're leaving at 7 in the morning tomorrow :s We may or may not have to pick our Aunt Helen up, and it doesn't look like we'll be going to McDonalds, but I've already posted all those details, and I'm not going to type them again.

Speaking of sleeping, it's starting to get warmer outside too, which, last year, made things really interesting for getting to sleep, but with the way I've moved things around in my room since, I can pull my fan alot closer to my bed, which should help.

And before I forget, I doubt you'll see this either, but happy birthday bladestriker ^^ I said the same thing to lone_transhuman a little while ago, and I have reason to believe he didn't see it either, but meh~

I still plan on walking up to Taco Bell tonight too, mainly to check my schedule, but also to hopefully explain why, despite telling them they could call me in this past week, I haven't wanted to. I also want to get a bag of cinnamon twists, but only because I'd like to have something to eat while I'm there, and I really can't see wanting my chalupa. I hope those things have died down in popularity by Sunday. It's not that they're a pain to make... well, actually, yes, they are a pain to make. At least where the having to walk all the way over to one of the fryers, sticking the flatbread in the rack, and dropping them is concerned. Maybe they'll have worked out something since last time I was there. We'll see tonight, I guess...

Otherwise, I'm bored, which is (I'll regret saying this) one of the reasons I'm looking forward to getting back to work. I'm still glad I had all these days in a row off, because if I didn't, things would not have turned out the way they did, but I need something to do with my night(s) besides just sitting here doing nothing in particular. Of course, my attitude will probably have changed one or two shifts into this coming week, but that's how I feel right now :p

Anyways, yeah. I'm going to post this, because I could stand to tidy up my room a bit~

Edit: Oh, and to kumakehu: do you still use MSN? I added you in Pidgin yesterday night using the address in your profile, but you're still "Offline"...

Where the MFF Thing Stands...

It's not quite as definite as it was before, to say anything. I still would like to go, but my main problem is with getting a passport. I know originally I had said "Hey, I can get by with just my birth certificate and health card. Awesome", but once again, I'm not so sure that's a good idea :s

What I need right now is to find somebody to be my guarantor, and two references.

I plan on asking Dad and / or Mom tomorrow if they have passports, because apparently your guarantor is supposed to either have one that's valid, or one that's been expired for less than a year. If one of them does, awesome, but if they don't, maybe I can ask Josh. Remember how last summer he had to get his passport for the vacation he was taking / wedding he was going to with his family? Yeah. Should I end up needing to ask him though, I hope he'll say "Yes" :\

The references aren't quite as big of a deal, but still, it's amusing (in a disturbing sort of way), that I can't really think of anyone that's known me for at least two years that I still see somewhat regularly. I mean, I've thought of Michele and Shelia so far, and if Dad or Mom have passports, then I could use Josh, but otherwise, I'm not sure. Coworkers *are* a possibility, but I don't really know them outside of work, and the same thing goes for them of me.


Anyways, I might as well head up to Taco Bell now. I plan on taking a different way there so I can see if it's a feasible route for taking when I'm actually walking there for a shift, but if that doesn't work out, meh. That's not a big deal~

Maybe I Shouldn't Have Looked :s

Alternately titled "Curiosity Killed the Cat Makes Kitty Sad ;_;"

My schedule for next week is as follows:

Sunday: 8 - close
Monday: 8 - close
Tuesday: 8 - close
Wednesday: 5 - 10
Thursday: ? - close (more than likely 8 though)
Friday: 4 - 12
Saturday: 4 - 12
Sunday: Off
Monday: Off
Tuesday: Off

As well, according to Michelle, Steve, *and* Joe it has been really busy lately. I suppose I should be glad for two things though, one being that I work supper shifts on Friday and Saturday, and two being that I don't have to close Saturday night :s There are a couple bad things about that (one being that I have to work seven days in a row), but I'm trying not to think about those :x

As for the walking thing, I'm going to assume it took me about a half hour. I left at quarter to 9, and according to what Steve said when I got there, it was "Twenty-one-oh-six", and I can't have gotten there in the same amount of time it takes me to if I go the direct way.

And now, I'm going upstairs to have a shower, and (try to) get to sleep somewhat early. I had planned on being by 11, but midnight should still be fine.