May 13th, 2008

Problem Not Quite Solved

I had intended to have their computer fixed before I left, but I ended up taking the hard drive home, because Mom had to leave to pick Dad up from work, and their computer was running far too slowly for me to make any progress. Had I brought my debit card and PSP with me (or even just my debit card alone), I'd have told Mom I'd walk home, then stopped to pick up a snack somewhere along the way.

But no. So upon getting home, I hooked their hard drive up all by itself, and found that it wouldn't boot. Hooked it up as the secondary / slave drive after that, and our Windows installation would boot fine, but of the two times I allowed it to, both saw a "New Hardware Added" (or something like that) balloon message pop up, then the whole computer would restart. So I booted in safe mode, and ran [chkdsk /f f:]. That went fine, and next time I restarted, I was able to access the files on the drive as normal, so the first thing I did was to take a drive image, which is still on the desktop should I end up needing it.

Opened AVG, and started a scan on that drive on it's own which found 26 viruses, removed 24, and quarantined 2 or something of the sort.

It still won't boot. I do have another idea that I can try after writing this, but otherwise, I need to see about taking it back to them to check if it'll boot there. The only thing I can think of that might've caused that problem was running System Restore on the farthest-back restore point they had before we left, and forcefully shutting the computer down before it completed, but I can't see how that it'd cause it to just outright BSOD. For what it's worth, the little "Windows is restoring your files and settings" thing hadn't even appeared. Feh :\

And in other news, back to work tonight 'till Saturday. Pretty sure I'm closing with Michelle and Joe too, but meh, that's fine. If Joe and I do end up walking home together, I'll probably stop by Tim Hortons and / or 7-11, but if not, I'll likely go a shorter way. I've been meaning to time how long it takes me to walk that route that goes down Elizabeth, because if it ends up being 40 minutes or less, I'll probably walk there that way one of these nights, but otherwise, yeah. Just home will suffice~

Oh, and also, I was finally able to get to that BitTorrent Manipulation test. There is no indication that our ISP limits, well, anything, according to the results page. So that's weird. *shrug* I only have a little bit of Season 6, then Season 7 left to go, so with any luck, they'll be done by the end of the week. I can't foresee having to download anymore large files after that, but we'll see.

Anyways, I should try that other idea I had for fixing this problem, so hopefully it works...
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