May 16th, 2008

I Can't Think of What I Was Going to Use as a Title

It's too early in the morning though. I started writing this at exactly 4:43, but it's now 6, and yeah. Being up this long is good when I have something on my mind that I wouldn't want to write about normally, and believe me, there could be something, but I already uploaded another picture that says it well enough. Anyways though, the main part of this entry:

Collapse )

So needless to say, it was another... unique close. I really hope I don't end up being on line tomorrow night, but one way or another, I do have Saturday and Sunday off, so whatever happens happens~ As for the rest of the day though, woke up at 3, went grocery shopping at 4, came home, then left for work at 7. One thing I will post about work outside of that cut though is something Manoah brought up. He asked me when I was going to London again, and I told him the 26th, and continued on that I knew I said I'd tell him in MSN, but I still had sort of, but he'd have to figure it out on his own. He said he knew, and had got "it", so meh. It is, if nothing else, a little bit of progress towards not being so secretive about it. I wasn't expecting quite so little resistance where keeping it to himself was concerned, but I suppose it's nice to see he's willing to respect that request.

And otherwise, hopefully tomorrow ends up being a bit better. I'm still waiting on for a reply to an email I sent to ask a question about MFF, but I suppose if not tomorrow, next week.

I should probably be getting to bed though. It's almost 6:30, after all...

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