May 20th, 2008

A Couple More Things

[1] In between having appointments for 1:00 tomorrow afternoon to get our hair cut, and needing to be up, packed, and gone by ~1:30 next Monday, I've started to go to bed somewhat earlier than normal again. This morning it was 5, this morning hopefully 4, and I'll probably try to keep it right around there for the rest of the week.

[2] Yesterday night, I ate three hotdogs, which was apparently a terrible thing to do. They were supposed to be our supper, so Mom, Dad, Naomi, and Adam all decided they were going to go to Andy's Place. After much coercing me into coming along, they left, and I took off for work about half an hour later. When I came home, there was a Little Caesars pizza box in the fridge. Funny how plans change... I put a couple pieces in the microwave, took them upstairs, and ate them. Still felt hungry afterwards, but I wanted to finish watching something, so I decided to wait, and just before I went downstairs, I heard Naomi close her door. Went down into the kitchen, opened the fridge, and saw that the box had been opened and closed again in a different way than I had, so I opened it back up, and the only pieces left were the nasty ones with pineapple on top.

Still on the food topic though, there was a box of Oreo knock-offs in the kitchen a couple days ago. The same night I found them, except a couple hours later, I went downstairs planning on taking a couple, but to my surprise found that the whole box was gone. Who to blame? Well, Adam and Naomi are both equally suspect.

[3] The next day I have off is Saturday, so as long as EB Games is open 'till 6, at least, I probably will head up there. There's an added "bonus" too of Shelia being back this Thursday, and working a supper shift on Saturday, so chances are if I do go, I'll stop by there on the way out to say hi and grab a glass of water, and on the way back, to do the same, as well as to rest and get something to eat. There's another idea I just had involving that too, but, well, we'll have to see how the EB Games thing goes first~

And as for other stuff, closing with Michelle and Cam tonight, which hopefully won't go too badly. Last night didn't, aside from having hardly any prep done, but feh. We got paid time and a half (and an extra ~20 minutes of it, at that), so I'm satisfied :3

It really feels as if this entry isn't going anywhere though, so that's it. Maybe things will be more normal when I get back from work or something~