May 25th, 2008

A Little Thing Called Self-Consciousness

Before I get to the title, another numbered list of stuff:

[1] Got my hat back (it was on the bathroom floor, right next to where I would've put my bag of clothes normally), and saw Sheila as well, who said something... troubling. Apparently Shawn (the district manager) is going to be stopping in from time to time to "check on us". Reason being is because the grill has apparently been getting turned off "an hour early" an awful lot lately. That's quite something. The earliest we close (right now, at least) is 1 in the morning. If what she says is true, that means he's going to be coming in after the dining room is locked up. Is that even allowed? The delivery guy does, so I guess so, but it still seems strange. But of course, he won't just be coming in to check on the grill, and I don't want to lose my job over something as petty and preventable as having line bagged or whatever else :\ I suppose I'll just make sure to ask Steve before doing any of that stuff tomorrow night, so just in case Shawn should happen to show up, I'll at least be able to say "I asked, and he said yes." I know it probably doesn't speak that well of me to say I'd do such a thing, but I assume by now that Steve's been warned of the same thing as well, so he'd have no way to say "Well, I didn't know."

[2] No 7-11 or Tim Hortons tonight after all. For two reasons, really. One being that what I thought was chicken in the oven was actually turkey, so I made myself a couple sandwiches using it earlier. Also, I have three days off after Sunday. Monday and Tuesday I'll be in London, but Wednesday I'll be back here, and will probably be in the mood to get some treats. And if this whole wearing a tail thing goes as I'm hoping right now, I'm going to wish I were back in London on Wednesday, and could release at least some of the "want" by wearing one to 7-11. I have the airbrushed one I got from SPark stuffed into my laptop bag, which I plan on bringing with me on the 26th and wearing at the furmeet. I didn't last time, and I regretted it, and I clearly recall someone having a fox (or at least what looked like a fox) one on when I went with squnq - if they can do it, why can't I? Speaking of which, a question for Cola: do you have to work on that Monday? I still plan on trying to be at your apartment around 5, but it'd be helpful to know if there'd be someone there in case I arrive a bit early. Yes, I could wait to find out, but that doesn't quite make sense in this case.

[3] Proof positive that I *fix* computer problems, just so long as you don't allow me to touch the computer. Manoah was telling me on Thursday night about some problems he was having with spyware, and how he ran AVG and Windows Defender and they didn't find anything. I explained that AVG wouldn't pick up spyware, and that relying exclusively on Windows Defender wasn't the best idea, so he asked me what he should do, and I told him I'd send him a couple links via email. To Spybot S&D and AdAware 2008, to be specific. Saw him again tonight while I was looking for my hat, and he said the programs worked great, and that he had everything back up the same way it was before. Now if only the same thing could be said of Terry's computer...

[4] Puzzles like this one take far too long to complete. That's not to say they aren't fun, but they can be really confusing. Picross is still fun, but it'll be nice to have more than just that to play. Unfortunately though, I downloaded several more DS ROMs of those sorts of games (Pic Pic, Essential Sudoku (purely for the picross puzzles, which are annoying enough thanks to the control scheme), and Neves, just for good measure. Puzzle games really are entertaining, and a nice way to "waste" some time too.

[5] One more slight change. If you can see it, pat yourself on the back (if you can reach). I'm not sure if it looks the same on a CRT monitor, but I think it's subtle enough.

As for the title, well, it was sort of covered in point 2, so I'll leave it at that. Nothing against you, noirhearted, but it's just that if somebody that lives in the same city as me is doing something I want to, why can't I? I know I can (honestly, I do), but the problem is setting aside certain reservations and just going for it *shrug*

Anyways, before I say even more stuff I'll probably regret in the morning, it's time for me to get to bed~