May 26th, 2008

I Should Probably be Getting Ready...

But I've still got an hour or so to do whatever, so meh. Once again, I've just woken up from having a dream which is a fine example of why I shouldn't think about certain things before going to bed.

Was thinking about today, hoping things go alright for getting there and such. The directions are easy enough (take York to Adelaide, turn left, walk straight for a long while, head to the right at Kipps, and find the driveway that leads to 756), but it'll probably be slightly different actually walking there. Oh, and then hopefully the train station isn't too complicated either. Ours isn't, but I'm not quite as certain about the one in London. Anyways, the dream:

Collapse )

Since mentioning Sheila reminded me though, further details about Shawn's coming in to check up on us. If Steve wasn't just making it up, Earl himself has said that Shawn is not allowed *in* the store after 11, so if anything, he will be coming through drive through and ordering a grilled item. Furthermore (and this next bit came from Steve himself, so I don't know if it's the truth or not), Shawn is not allowed to actually fire anyone. If one of us does something to deserve it, he has to tell Earl, who will then take care of it. *shrug* All I'm really concerned about is the drive through thing. If that's true, then there's no reason we can't still bag line and do the fry dump as usual. The grill only takes an extra five minutes anyways, and the worst part about it is the mess it usually makes of the area around it. That could easily be solved by not wiping that half of line down 'till the grill is cleaned though, which I, at least, could care less about having to wait to do.

Anyways, it's now 12:50, so I should probably pack my stuff up. I don't plan on leaving 'till 2 (possibly ten to or so, to accommodate for stopping by 7-11 on the way), but I'm sure the time will go by fast enough anyways~

Now It's My Turn ^^

Writing this in Notepad, on the train to London >:3 Apparently they do have wireless internet *on* the train, but I'd rather not pay for it :s

So, two things:

[1] It's ridiculously warm outside. ~10 minutes from the house to Via Rail, and I'm sweating not quite buckets, but still quite a bit. And to think it's only May... Although I suppose I'm usually asleep at this time in the afternoon, so by the time I go out anywhere (to work, or 7-11 / wherever else in the case of a day off), it's already cooled down considerably. I still hope it's not a sign of things to come though :\ But that also means the walk to the apartment from the train station when I get to London is going to be fun. At least if it's as warm there as it is in Chatham :x

[2] Stopped by 7-11 on the way to the train station, and bought a box of Glossette chocolate covered almonds, an Aero, and a small bag of Mike & Ike candies. Somewhere in between there and the underpass by Sobeys, I lost the first two items. Feh. Coincidentally though, the price was $4.04. I suppose that actually makes sense in this case. Some guy just came by with a cart asking if anyone wanted anything, so I could've said yes to that, but I only have $7 in cash, which I plan on spending at Tim Hortons (there may be cake, but I fully intend to get something of my own too :3).

Anyways though, yeah. Time to watch the scenery going by~