May 28th, 2008

Too Tired to Not Tired :s

This is fun. I'd planned on going to sleep around 11, but I ended up finding a couple other distracting things to do (watching MacGyver and working on this), and I'm still awake now. It's not so much that I'm tired, but I still have a bunch of unspent energy, and really nothing to do with it, which is sort of frustrating. Now, there will be something tomorrow night, but what remains to be seen is whether or not I'll have so much energy then. Hopefully I do ^^;

Other than those things though, I've just been going over how everything went yesterday, and am just amazed that I walked that whole way. After a bit of searching around when I got home earlier this afternoon, I found a site that said the bus fare was $2.50, which is quite decent. So whenever next time ends up being, that's definitely how I'm getting to the apartment. I don't care about the walking from the train station to Adelaide, because I *cough* don't quite understand the concept of transfers, and to take the bus the whole way would be rather lazy of me. But hopefully by then, whoever else might be roomsharing with Cola at MFF has decided, because that way I'd be able to walk down to the bank and get the money right then. I think it was ~$200 if the three of us end up being in the room together, but meh. Best to just wait and see for now~

I should at least post this then get ready to go to bed though. 3:30 in the morning isn't terribly early, but it's good enough for tonight :3
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Short Entry

I really have to try this sometime tonight. I haven't had eggs in quite a while, and although the only thing we have right now that there'd be to put in it is bacon, I might just be able to head to Sobeys tonight as well. See, Noirhearted and I are meeting up at her house to walk to wherever wearing tails, namely because I'm still don't want to do it on my own ;_; Perhaps that won't be as much of a problem after tonight, but we'll see. *I* want to go to McDonalds to get something to eat, seeing as all I've had for the entire day was a couple glasses of water, then more than likely out to Tim Hortons as well, to get some snacks there <3 And on the way back, well, perhaps there'll be a chance of stopping by Sobeys to get cheese. Or I could just wait 'till tomorrow, because we're going grocery shopping then, but I have to work 8 - close, so that wouldn't work :\

Today really hasn't been eventful otherwise though. I slept from 4 in the morning 'till 3 in the afternoon, which really was nice, then I finished watching Season 5 of MacGyver. Yay~

Anyways, it's 9:30, which is when I said I'd be leaving. Might as well head out, although there's one other quick thing I have to take care of first ^^;