June 1st, 2008

Three Nights to Go~

Tomorrow might not end that well though. We're supposed to have Cindy 'till midnight, then just Michelle and I after that. Provided it dies down, I'm sure we can manage on our own for two hours, but I thought three closers was the absolute minimum they were scheduling us with now. Tonight didn't go too badly, so maybe tomorrow will be the same, but one way or another, meh. The business is starting to become a regular thing now (either that, or we were busiest when the coupons came out, which does make sense from a certain angle), but there are still exactly three months left before we can expect things to start slowing back down on a whole again.

Oh, and also, a question for you, Noir: what would you say if I *cough* asked you about going out to walk around wherever on Thursday night this week? It sort of feels awkward to ask, because I don't want to end up dragging you out if you end up having something else to do, but... it comes down to that putting a tail on and walking to work is alright, but it's not quite as fun on your own ;_; Just thought I'd ask, instead of waiting 'till Thursday and just sitting around here berating myself for not doing so ^^;

And otherwise, Mom and Dad are still gone, but they'll (presumably) be back sometime tomorrow, because Mom said something about making the peach pie she was going to make for Dad's birthday on Sunday night instead (that sounds way too complicated), so chances are if nothing else, the van will be in the driveway when I get home from work. Speaking of which, I have to be there for 7 tonight. Erf... Got to thinking on the way home tonight about something else involving them though. I feel sort of bad for not just telling them who I went out with on Wednesday night, and also for effectively being so... "withdrawn" as of late, so I may just, in the coming days, type something up in Notepad about what's been going on, and directing them to it when I'm not and won't be available to talk for at least a day. So depending on whether the date for the photoshoot thing in London works out, I could do that then, but we'll see. One way or another, I plan on at least typing something and printing it out, so the problem is finding a good time to say "Hey, read this".

Sort of along the same line, I received an email at 4:00 this morning, from myself. Something I wrote a while back about a comment someone on here had made, and the things that came up as a result. I know there's still at least one of those deliver-to-the-future emails that I sent myself, but it won't be actually sent 'till sometime in 2009, so I've got a bit to wait yet :s The only thing I can remember about it is asking myself a bunch of questions, so it's going to be interesting to see what my answers are :3

Anyways, it's now 7:18, so I need to go to bed. I think that's as good an end to this entry I can come up with at the moment too :p

Going Out for Supper?

There's a second note on the cupboard that says, among other things, that we're going out for supper "as a family", but that they (Mom and Dad) would be gone at Cinema 6 'till an unspecified time. Oh, and we're not to eat the cake on the counter earlier, but as per the usual, all I care is that there's some left for me when I get home tonight. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to go to Swiss Chalet with them, what with having to start at 7 tonight. They could say "We'll wait 'till tomorrow then", but I have to start at 7 then too :x That is, unless they get back within the next three minutes and we leave right away, but I think Adam's at work 'till 5:30, if nothing else, so meh. We did a(nother) food swap with Dominos yesterday night, so I've had enough extra food for the time being.

While I'm sort of talking about work though, I hope we do get our vacation pay this week. Looking on her site, SPark is currently accepting commissions for completion in July, so it'd be nice to put whatever I need to pay down on (hand)paws and have that taken care of 'till whenever she gets her other commissions caught up. We'll see, I guess. There's no reason I couldn't just go ahead and start the transfer now, but this coming Thursday will be the first one of the month, and I don't want to be spending money I don't have. Technically I do, but I still want to have 10k in my bank account by the end of the year, and I've been doing pretty well towards that for now~

At any rate though, it's almost 5:30, and I plan on leaving at 6, so I should at least go get my uniform. Here's hoping it doesn't end up being as busy as the past few nights tonight, or that they found a third closer for us :s Just maybe...
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