June 2nd, 2008

Such a Lack of Energy

It's almost 5:30 right now. I plan on at least being down on my bottom bunk by 6, and hopefully asleep by 6:30, after which I plan on sleeping in for as long as I want, up until about 5 or so, if it comes to that. Reason being that although I've been getting more or less 8 hours of sleep a night for the past several nights in a row, I still end up being dead tired at work, which cannot continue. I'd blame the heat, but it still hasn't been really warm out, so I'll have to see how I feel tomorrow afternoon.

Interestingly though, saw Zaz at work earlier tonight (I could just use his real name, but meh), and the end result of the small conversation we had at the window saw us having another chat in MSN when I got home tonight. Of the several things he mentioned, one is that he's working at Nucomm now. I know it's cliché, but small world ^^; Oh, and he's also going to "make a conscious effort to not forget about me again", which leads me to another thing I realized at work tonight.

If and when certain things come up again in the future, there's no reason I should say "Oh, I wish I had someone to talk to about this". The problem with talking to anyone about those sorts of things in the first place is that I can the first time, but if something else comes up after it, I wouldn't dream of going to them again, just for the awkwardness of it being "...and that's not all...", presumably right after they thought I was feeling better again. However, I got to talking to someone last Monday night (online, that is) because, in their words, there wasn't anybody else to talk to. For the first half of our chat I was expecting to be talking about whatever was on their mind, but it was pretty much just a random chat, with no subject in particular. What I'm trying to get at is that instead of wanting to talk about whatever problem(s), perhaps it might work just as well to just talk. Sort of a distraction, really. I know back when it came up in April, there was a very clearly defined point (defined by feeling, anyways) between absolutely needing to find something to distract myself (although my thoughts were specifically "I *need* to talk to someone"), and everything going all to hell. Oh, and to whomever I had that chat with, you know who you are. It'd just feel wrong if I actually said "this is who I was talking to".

As for work tonight, there's one advantage starting at 7 has, that being that we have a much better chance to get things done for closing. By 8 tonight, the fry dump was done, bertha was bagged, pans for line were bagged, the cabinet was empty of panned food, and hot line was condensed. After that, we got sort of busy at ~8:30, but things pretty much slowed down after that. There were absolutely no cars for the last hour either, until ten to, at which point two pulled in. The first had a ~$26 order, and the second wanted five combos and three soft supremes. I had saved a copy of the receipt, but it's downstairs in the washer in the pocket of my jeans right now, and is probably soaked and torn beyond recognition. Was sort of thinking about calling to say I wouldn't be in 'till 8 tonight as well, but I doubt it.

It is now 6 though, so like yesterday morning, I'm going to post this, then at least lay down~