June 4th, 2008

Slightly Less Subtle...

I forget which site I originally got it from though, so here's hoping I don't eventually get an email or something that says "Why are you using our favicon?" Meh. I'll probably make one of my own sooner or later, but I like it for now ^^; There still has to be some way to change that "Track This" text, but I tried adding the line set text_track_this = "[track]"; to the custom layer, along with a couple other ways of saying it ("trackthis", "track", and such), but just got told that it couldn't set a nonexistent property *shrug*

So otherwise, today has been pretty slow. It felt like I slept 'till 5 in the afternoon, because I kept waking up briefly then going back to sleep for what felt like half an hour at a time, but when I woke up it wasn't even four :s Had an interesting sort of dream though.

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As for the rest of the night, I plan on going to 7-11 and Tim Hortons in a bit, with tail, of course. Did so yesterday night too, and I think I forgot my pay stub at 7-11, but I trust they've thrown it out :x Made almost $500, and according to what the top half of it said, my current vacation pay is at least $400, which we should be getting the Thursday after next, seeing as Earl didn't have time to get them all done for this pay or something. Work itself was dead after 11, which helped because I was on drive through and had a bunch of dishes to do, but there was one other bad part of it.

I'm seriously starting to wonder if having been there for so long now gives me at least a bit of authority to tell whomever what to do. Last night, it was Cindy with line. Steve ended up taking cold line down for her, because she showed no interest in getting it done, and I *wanted* to tell her "The inside of hot line isn't clean, and there's still cheese around the edge", but didn't, because I wasn't sure how she'd react, and I wanted to get out of there and go home anyways. Speaking of which, the walk home was absolutely fine, aside from some guy outside 7-11 bothering me for money to buy a pop, but the walk there sucked. Why does it have to start raining just as I'm leaving for work, on one of the few nights there's no chance of getting a ride? Erf. I made it there though, and hung up my shirt in the bathroom to dry. My pants were still damp at the end of the night, but meh.

Anyways, if I'm going, I might as well head out soon. It's supposed to rain again tonight, so hopefully I can get there and back before it starts~