June 8th, 2008

Looks Like I Have Another Card to Buy

Father's Day is on the 15th, as Adam pointed out to me a couple days ago. So for now, our plans are to go to Kelsey's for supper, but that still leaves the problem of finding a card. Meh. If nothing else, I'll probably just walk home tomorrow night, take ten minutes to cool off, then head out to Sobeys. Or possibly on Tuesday night instead, because then I could use the going to Sobeys as a chance to grab some sort of snack. That also means I'll have to let the closing manager for next Sunday know I won't be in 'till 9 (I'm not rushing myself), and then I'll also have to head to the bank sometime between now and then to withdraw another hundred dollars :s Fifty for supper, forty for the card, and ten for me so it doesn't feel like it *all* just disappeared :p

And in other interesting news, Larry was fired yesterday, which is one of the other things Josh mentioned when he stopped by. Why? He showed up for his shift at 1:00, when he was supposed to start at 12. *Apparently* Josh or somebody else saw him checking his hours sometime on Thursday, so there's no way he couldn't have known when he had to work. And then instead of apologizing for being late, he said something to the effect of "Just give me the write-up then" which sums things up quite nicely. He had an attitude, and he was warned multiple times about showing up late for work. But then he was there when I walked in at ~7:30. What was he doing? Grabbing handfuls of straws, cup lids, and salt & pepper packets and throwing them around the dining room. If I had been working, I would've asked him to stop, but I just asked "So why are you making such a mess of the dining room?", and he didn't answer, quite possibly because he didn't hear me. If you have a problem with getting fired, take it up with Earl and / or the manager that fired you. Being immature about it is just a surefire way to get them to say they were glad they did it.

The rest of the night was busy up until midnight again, but we were out of there at 3:30, so that more or less worked out. Manoah started bothering me about my tail once again, and mentioned that eventually he's going to steal one and have some lady he knows sew it to the top of some coat he plans on getting, which I'd just love to see him try, then he also told me to get my tail out of the bathroom while I was changing, causing Michelle to ask what was up with it in the first place, and how she saw it the other night and wanted to chase after me and grab it ^^; I'm glad they see it as a fun thing :3 Eventually I'll have to wear one of my larger ones in (or perhaps grow a bit taller and be able to wear the second one I got from Chesh without it dragging on the ground), but as far as I'm concerned, that can wait for a bit longer.

Might as well just post this and hope Kelsey's replies back within the next hour though. It seems rather strange to be making reservations via email, and I'm sure phoning them would be alot quicker, but this seems to be working so far~