June 9th, 2008

Apparently the Internet's not Working Again

Naomi has come down here twice to tell me that, and I'd like to tell her to just go to bed then, but I don't have the will or energy to start arguing with anyone this early in the morning.

The only interesting thing of note right now is something Michelle and Manoah were talking about at work earlier tonight. A bunch of Mennonites had come into the dining room to eat, and some time after they'd ordered, sat down, and started eating, Brandon went out to clean the dining room up a bit. One or some of said Mennonites started saying he was gay and other various derogatory things, so Michelle was going to kick them out, but he wasn't sure who it was specifically. What her and Manoah were discussing when I heard them was how she should've kicked them all out, and I agree. Especially seeing how that's on top of them more or less always leaving a mess behind. Other customers do it, sure, but at least they have the common sense to keep their comments to themselves. I still wish we could put up a sign though. Something along the lines of "As a courtesy to everyone, please put your garbage in the bin before you leave." Yes, we are getting paid to clean up the mess, if you want to be technical about it, but it does not take that much extra effort to pile everything onto your tray and carry it over to one of the garbages.

Speaking of Brandon though, I saw him when I got there tonight, and one of the things he asked me is where I got my tail. Told him "On the internet", followed by him asking how much it cost. Apparently he wants to get one :3 It's definitely worth it if I've "turned somebody else furry" just by wearing a tail to work ^^; Honestly though, if there were anyone there right now that I'd have expected to be one before, it was him. I don't know what specifically it is, but there's just something...

Oh, and on the way home, a silver car pulled up next to me, and the passenger tossed what looked like a snowball at first out the window, and it hit my leg. My first thought was "That couldn't have been a snowball - it's June", then "Who was that then? It couldn't be Michelle and Manoah, because Michelle drives a black van", and finally "Just what did they throw?". Reached down and touched my pant leg to feel something wet, so I grabbed my tail just to make sure it was still dry, which it was, then reached down again and came back up with a piece of eggshell on my finger.

And otherwise, that storm earlier this afternoon was awesome <3 I can't remember the last time it turned so dark so quickly ^^

But now I should be getting to bed. I think I might be getting sick after all, because my nose *felt* annoyingly runny at work tonight (thankfully I was on drive through), and I'm sneezing an awful lot right now :s Hopefully sleeping for several hours will have some sort of positive effect on that though~

Kelsey's is Silly

The reply I received from them yesterday to say that they would take a reservation for us came from "Kelseys7667@cara.com", so out of curiosity, I went to cara.com and found that it was the company behind Swiss Chalet, Kelsey's, and other various restaurants. However, the address I sent the first email to was "Kelseyschatham@execulink.com", so I went to that site as well, and thought "Wouldn't it be funny if the username and password for their account was the same thing?" *cough* Suffice it to say, I now know they owe ~$400 for the service, but then I logged out :p

And one other thing: HAIL >:3 About ten minutes ago, I was thinking to myself "Maybe I should just take off for work now. If it starts raining and my tail gets wet, I can just hang it up in the bathroom to dry". Now I'm glad I didn't ^^;

But it seems to have calmed down a bit, so I might as well ask for a ride now. I can still walk home, assuming it's not still like it is right now out :3