June 10th, 2008

"Be Safe, and Watch Out for the Dog"

What I was told by a cop just before walking the rest of the distance to the house, unlocking the door, and stepping in. I definitely stand by that you tend to see weird things at this time of the morning, and it's no exception this time. At first I just saw lightning flashing a couple times, which was odd because there was no thunder after it, then as I walked across the bridge by the police station, I saw a police car blocking off half of 1st street, with all it's lights going, but nothing otherwise. Walked past it, and saw several more along Wellington St. West. One was right up near the beginning of it, and as I walked past that one, the cop inside asked me where I was going, and told me there was some dog out "tracking", so it'd be advisable to take a different way. So I turned back, and walked towards Queen St, which I took to Cross, then West, then Harvey, then Lacroix, and finally Wellington West again. And of course, what would I see at the other end of the street but two more cop cars, with the same lights-flashing-but-no-other-noise thing going on. Just walked past them, because I figured if they had something to say, they would, but no. One of them turned on the siren for a split second, which made me jump, then pulled up next to me, and asked me where I was going (again), so I pointed out our house, which brings us up to the title. Not a word about my tail, but I suppose that had no relevance to what they were concerned about.

Speaking of it though, Eric, Cori, and Ange *all* want to know why I wear tails to work now (outside of just "Because I want to"), but feh. I still don't see any need to deviate from what I told Manoah in the email I sent him. It's in no way directly work-related, so there's no reason I should tell them. Although Brandon, once again, had the closest guess out of all of them, which was "Is it because you're a cat?", but he seems to know to leave well enough alone.

Moving on, reservations at Kelsey's have been made. I sent an email containing the details to the Execulink address before leaving for work, and had a reply waiting for me when I got home~ The only problem is that I don't yet know if I've been changed to start at 9 on Sunday now. I asked Steve about it the other night, and he said there might be a problem because that'd just leave him and Jarod for an hour, but frankly, I don't see why he can't just ask one of the supper staff to stay 'till 9. It's only the two of us closing, so I don't see why not :\ It was the same thing tonight as well though (except with Michelle), because Karen was "Stranded in London". Let me make one thing clear right now: I don't have a problem with anybody phoning in for their shifts. I do from time to time too, so it'd be hypocritical of me to say otherwise. What I don't like, however, are the few employees we have right now that can't make it in for whatever reason at least once a week. I should also note that it was absolutely dead after ~11 though. The second storm we got slowed things down for a bit as well, but there was a slight rush once it ended from everyone that didn't want to go out in the rain before. I also counted all three tills tonight, so yay for me ^^ I still have a hard time figuring out whether they're over or short, and have a bad habit of taking out however much is supposed to be there instead of the total minus $125, but meh. It's technically not even something I should be doing, so I won't complain.

Oh, and we got a new debit / credit card system, which is really, really... "stupid" for Visas and Mastercards. You're able to go back and look at any individual transaction, and it'll show you the full card number, be it debit or Visa / Mastercard. Reprinting a receipt for either of the latter two shows nothing less than the expiry date as well. Now, I'm sure if anyone were to actually "take advantage" of that, the customer would eventually notice, followed by the employee getting fired and more than likely worse, but it's just... they have a password set on various functions already - why can't they put it on the "Find" one too? I know there's some other number they have on the back of the card as an extra security precaution against that, but it's impossible to say that every single place that takes Visa / Mastercard requires that number...

Anyways though, one more close tomorrow with Michelle, Cindy, Karen, and me, then two days off <3 I'm definitely wearing a tail out grocery shopping again, and more than likely to Kelsey's on Father's Day too ^^ Although I do need to leave a note somewhere for Mom so she knows we have the reservations now.

Also, some time today (if not already) Chesh will be receiving an email asking about those ears. I sent it with one of those future mailing things, in hopes that I'd have forgotten about it by the time the 10th rolled around, but it's been in the back of my mind thanks to that snow leopard stuff on Digg making me wonder what else I had been trying to forget :s

But at any rate, I'm going to post this, and head out to the kitchen to see if the water I put in the fridge earlier has cooled down yet. Then probably Guitar Hero III or something~