June 12th, 2008

Somewhat Eventful Day

Going to Money Mart to get one of those cards can wait 'till MFF gets a bit closer. I could've just gone today, but unless I have a few minutes to spare to stop by and ask them a question next time I'm near either place, I figure it's better to wait. I just don't want to go get one now, then try to put money on it in November for the con, and find out that I can't because it hadn't been used since I got it :s

But other than that, I've gone grocery shopping, to EB Games, and to Via Rail as well. Nothing of particular note where getting groceries is concerned, aside from that I wore a tail again, but I was able to get what I wanted at EB Games. Specifically, Mario Kart Wii and Boom Blox. They're both pretty fun so far, but I've lost one of those USBCell batteries, which is really a pain because they don't last for an extremely long time in the first place anymore. Last time I had all four was when I went to London back in April, and I know for a fact I brought all four back with me, but one's gone missing since then. Erf. But maybe Naomi knows where it's gone. What use she could have for a single AA battery is beyond me, but anything's possible...

As for Via Rail, got another ticket, to head to London on July 13th, and come back on the 15th. Departure and arrival times are pretty much the same as on the other one, but I have to leave here slightly earlier this time (the train leaves at 2:13 or something like that). Meh. At least it's something (relatively) immediate to look forward to ^^

And then I've rather been expecting a call from work tonight asking me to come in, seeing as they have the past two weeks in a row, but Michelle's closing tonight instead of Steve, so that might be why. Oh well. If I can just be bothered to take my laptop upstairs for about ten minutes, I'll have something to do for a little while~

But I might as well do that before I start procrastinating any more :s