June 28th, 2008

I'm Going to Get it Eventually...

"It" being that picture Manoah took of me at work on Wednesday night. I went there to get some food earlier on this evening, and sort of reminded him to check his emails when he got home. Nothing yet, although I suppose if there's still nothing by the time I get to work tomorrow, I'll actually write down a reminder on a piece of paper and get it to him. Sure, it's just a picture, but I'd still like to *see* it.

Otherwise today / tonight, I've been setting things up the way I had them before again, and everything is more or less back as I'd like it for now. And I downloaded all the installers for programs I use frequently, as well as several Firefox extensions, so whenever next time I happen to feel like starting fresh should be, that'll save me a bit of downloading. Just for my reference though, a list of that stuff so, in the event I lose my USB stick or something, I still know what I was using:

Collapse )

Played quite a bit more Banjo Tooie, up to just having started Terrydactyland (I think that's how it's spelled), and it's really reached the point now of "I don't remember this land at all. Feh." Maybe I'll make some more progress tomorrow or something. Did a few things in Starforce 2 as well, although I haven't touched it in a few hours because it froze up after I selected my chips in just a random battle, and I didn't want to go through everything I'd done up to that point again. Maybe I'll get to that before I go to bed or something.

And yeah. It's raining quite hard outside, which is nice because I'm in here, but I really can't wait for fall and winter again. Not only does summer suck for the heat, but with all this rain we've been getting lately, I rarely walk to work anymore. But perhaps that just means I should start looking into taking that hour-long way home on a regular basis. All dependent on the weather, of course. I don't want to have to walk all the way out to Keil Drive when it's sticky and humid :s

At any rate, I think I'm just going to head upstairs. Chances are I won't get to sleep 'till 6, but I don't plan on nodding off down here :p