June 29th, 2008

Will This Rain Ever End?

At least this time it's coming down very lightly, but it's been raining at least once a day for what, at least a week now? I did, however, get to walk both to and home from work yesterday though, so at least that worked out. And one more decision towards going to 7-11 / Tim Hortons, *after* I've saved up enough to replace the money that went to buy that computer: unless I walk home a long way ("long" being 40 minutes or more), I'm not going. That $20 per two weeks didn't really work out, but that new way should. Now, on days off, that won't apply, but I should at least try to make myself take some roundabout way there as opposed to heading straight to 7-11 or Tim Hortons and back :s

Speaking of days off though, I'm rather getting screwed over for them up 'till at least after I go to London again. This week, I get Wednesday and Friday off, which is slightly annoying because he have to get our hair cut on Thursday (although I do plan on going with tail, so yay there :3), then I work another four shifts, have Wednesday (I believe) off, and I'm not sure about after that, although I know I booked the 12th off as well, because I didn't like the thought of having to close then needing to be up again at 1 to get ready to leave. Thursday and Friday before that though, I work 7 - closes, which is going to be interesting.

So otherwise today, slept in almost 'till 3, more than likely due to it being a bit cooler outside, which was nice, but not without it's weird dreams. In one, I was reading my friends page on here, and saw that Cola had posted something about how AC went, so I opened Pidgin, planning on asking him what that "Cats Rule" thing was like, and he signed off just before I could send the message. Then I woke up, and realized "Hey, AC is in it's last day today. Weird." It really hasn't been as bad this time, and the thought that it was still going didn't even cross my mind yesterday until I was getting nachos from the cabinet for some random order at work. Now there's just that photoshoot thing to hopefully forget about (which, I figure, is one of the reasons I want to get that picture from Manoah so badly), but that's not quite as significant.

As for the other dream though, I needed to go down in our basement to get something, so I walked down the stairs, and found myself in some sort of shed. Walked over to the corner of it, where there was another flight of stairs leading down, so I walked down those, and found myself in the basement. There were two bikes in the way, so I pushed them aside, and walked over to where I thought what I was looking for was going to be, then realized I was never going to find it, and started walking back, suddenly getting that hair on the back of your neck standing up feeling of someone or something being after me. As opposed to running back upstairs, I calmly walked towards the doorway, picked one of the bikes up, and began pushing it up the stairs, getting all the way to the shed before I realized I didn't need it, and tried to set it down without making too much noise, for fear of alerting whatever was trying to find me.

But anyways, I think I'm going to post this and try to figure out where I left off on Banjo-Tooie. Something about having to transform into the small T-Rex and figure out what's behind all the doors you can only open with it. We'll see~