July 8th, 2008

I Don't Feel Like Writing All That Again

Navigating to a different webpage in the same tab you're writing an entry in, going back, refreshing, and having to login again sucks. Especially when the draft saving thing only restores the first paragraph of what you wrote :s So now, point-formedness, because I want to get to Bubblegloop Swamp in Banjo-Kazooie sometime before I go to bed.

[1] No reply from Brandon, but I was thinking some more. If his girlfriend did own a full fursuit, then he wouldn't have needed to ask me why I had a tail, for knowing already. I'm still curious as to what this "cat costume" is, but perhaps he'll still reply, and I'll just get a weird look, or perhaps just "kitty!" as usual next time I see him. On the furry note though, emailed SPark about a date I could expect those paws to be finished by, and got told that they should be done within the next month or so :3 I'm definitely not going to be wearing them out while it's this warm (or possibly worse), but definitely once fall comes ^^;

[2] It is possible to get into Taco Bell even when the doors are all locked. Suffice it to say, we got locked out tonight after Ange told George and I to come outside with her so she could have a smoke, without grabbing her keys first. I won't say how we got back in, because that's definitely something I could lose my job for should it get back to Earl or one of the other managers, but we did~ Thankfully as well, there were no customers while we were out there, but of course, as soon as we were back inside, one pulled up within five minutes.

[3] Nobody at work likes this song. Specifically, somebody always asks "Can we change the station?" as soon as the screaming starts, which is both amusing and annoying. I don't really mind it (the song, that is), but I do tend to wonder if, when it starts playing while there are customers in the dining room, any of them will say anything.

[4] One more night, which I'll more than likely be on line for, again. As with last time, I cannot wait 'till Friday night, at 3 in the morning, just for knowing that all I have to do is help clean the store up before I'm off for almost an entire week. The repetitiveness or working nothing but 8 - closes and almost always being on line is getting to be really annoying. But maybe starting at 7 on Thursday and Friday will be enough of a change to get me through two more shifts.

Anyways, it appears I'm not going to be getting to Banjo-Kazooie after all, seeing as it's already 5. Oh well. I've already done my dishes for this week, so maybe I'll play it tomorrow afternoon. For now though, it's time to get upstairs and try to figure out some way to get to sleep~
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