July 9th, 2008

Five Minute Cake is <3

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. StumbleUpon is awesome when it comes to recipes, and food in general. Several times now I've been shown a random page on either Foodgawker or Tastespotting, and can't bring myself to close the tab because some of the items look so good, but I don't want to go to the actual page for them either, lest I get distracted and forget what I was doing ;_; Earlier tonight though, I stumbled across this, and tried making it upon getting home from work. There are two things I'll have to keep in mind for next time:

[1] Microwave it for three minutes and thirty seconds, instead of four (our microwave's max. power is 700 watts)
[2] Make sure to mix it thoroughly

Optionally, put some chocolate chips in too, but I'll wait to see if it tastes less scorched the second time. Icing would be good too, but I'll wait to see if I happen to find a quick and easy recipe for that~

Anyways though, I got home from work a couple hours ago now, which was busy from 9 straight through 'till midnight, most likely because (some of) those GST checks came out today. I got mine, and did the sensible thing with it (depositing it into my bank account), but evidently three quarters of the customers we got tonight decided they wanted food first. The best part about it was that aside from helping me 'till 9:30 or so, Steve was off doing other things, leaving me on line by myself, which wouldn't have been so bad, if the cars had only stopped for five minutes every now and then. Despite that though, I was able to get cold line done before 12, and we were out of there by 2:30, but we really could've stood to do more prep for the openers, especially considering our closing at 1:40. Whatever though. I have a day off now, which I've been looking forward to since Sunday night, so yay.

I was going to go to 7-11 on the way home because of that, but I took a slightly longer way (St. Clair to Grand to Lacroix to Wellington), and instead got stopped by yet another cop who wanted to know where I was going and where I was coming from, as well as why I had a tail, and what was in my bag. Dear sir(s): it's none of your business. At least where the tail is concerned. Speaking of it though, I got called a *cough*faggot*cough* because of it, twice, on the way to Dairy Queen from the bank, and the tip of it is also wet and muddy because I stepped in a puddle. I can't really do anything about the first "problem", aside from giving them an attitude of complete indifference (I told the guy "You already said that" the second time he yelled at me), and if worse comes to worse for the wet / dirtyness, I'll just stick it in the washing machine, hang it up on one of the lines in the basement, brush it down, and wait for it to dry.

And otherwise today, I bought three more t-shirts and another belt, all of which I needed, because I only have one shirt that fits me right now, and several that do but are uncomfortably tight (especially in the heat), and the belt, because of the other two I have, one is falling apart, and the other isn't black, so I can't use it for work, and the buckle is sort of weird, in that it's not an actual buckle, so it tends to loosen up way too easily, and when it does, I write something in here about how my pants almost fell down on the way to wherever :3

Not quite sure what I'll be doing with my day tomorrow either, but if I can, I'd like to sleep in. I woke up at ~2 today, after dreaming that I slept in 'till almost 7, and that I still had to work that night, at 8. How fun. Oh, and there was another one a few nights back about a three-storey Wendys, but I can't really remember the details of it :s

I'm starting to get rather distracted though, so I think I might just head upstairs. Before that, however, one other thing I stumbled across earlier this afternoon. A picture. The description says it all <3 I would link to the page I found it on originally, but I've since closed the tab, and I don't have the patience to check if I gave it a thumbs-up in StumbleUpon or not. Meh.

Anyways, bed. Or at least the closest I can get to bed with what it's like in my room~

A Couple Quick Things

[1] I woke up at ~2:30 today, and came downstairs around 3:15. As soon as I did, Dad said something to either Adam or Mom about how I was up, and that I could call Josh back myself. Adam said "Yeah he called. He wants you to come in early." I do not work tonight, and the only way they're going to get me in there is if it ends up being as busy as it was yesterday night *and* I get called just to do dishes or the dining room. I'm eagerly waiting for Josh to call back in the first place though, because he was there for about ten minutes before I started yesterday, and made a comment about how it was seen to that we'd never have four closers on a Sunday or Monday again, and that three is plenty. Dear Josh: that is Earl's decision to make. Or possibly Sheila's, because she's the one that makes the schedule. Not yours. Although on the newest schedule, he's actually working three closes in a row, so I can only hope he realizes then that he should consider watching what he says.

That is assuming he calls back at all, but if not, Steve or Manoah might, depending on whether they're busy or not. Meh.

[2] I have now beaten the Expert difficulty of the Guitar Duels mode in Guitar Hero: On Tour. Well, except for "I Am Not Your Gameboy", but that song sounds completely different anyways. There's even a little bit of "Less Talk More Rokk" instead of the "IMNOTYOURGAMEBOY" part in the middle :s There's still some stuff to be unlocked yet (guitars, finishes, and outfits), so perhaps I'll try to get all of those, but all I was really concerned with was the extra song. At least until the European version comes out~

[3] My tail dried out fine, but if you look at it under light now, you can see it change from white to very light brown. It's just at the tip though, so I could leave it like that under the justification that it'd probably just get dirty again anyways, but we'll see for now.

There was one other thing I was going to write about, involving something Joe asked me at work last night, but I'll leave that 'till I read or find out more about it. Until then, I'm going back to Guitar Hero~