July 10th, 2008

[Insert Obvious Title Here]

It would be "Uneventful Day", but I've used that way too many times already, and I try to make sure they're at least four words long. It really has been though. The most... strenuous thing I've done since I woke up was walking to Sobeys and back, where I had to explain to the same clerk as before that I do wear my tails to work, but not while I'm actually clocked in. Probably on Halloween though, with the first one I got from Chesh, because it's thin and light enough that it'd probably be fine in the dryer assuming it got dirty. That's over four months away though, so yeah.

I bought another three containers of candy there, which I obviously plan on bringing to work tomorrow (not all three though), as well as a four-pack of Aero bars, and a bag of that honey nut crunch Cheerio mix stuff. Yay :3

But anyways, earlier tonight I was looking around in the kitchen for a backpack, and found one that my laptop can fit in (with room to spare), so that should definitely make the walking to the train station here and then walking to Adelaide in London easier. Had I known it was there, I would've brought it last time I went, but oh well. I made it (mostly) fine then~

For the most part otherwise, I've just been idly clicking the StumbleUpon button in Firefox for most of the afternoon / evening / night. I did download Banjo-Kazooie - Grunty's Revenge, as well as an emulator for it (obviously), but for now, I'm thinking of going back to the N64 one to do Freezeezy Peak. At least except for the last jiggy from Boggy... As for StumbleUpon though, there were a couple non-food things I found that were interesting, one of which I have to post the link to here: Cat Resolutions. I'd print them out for Mom to read, but she probably wouldn't find them funny 'till about halfway through. But meh. Maybe I will anyways. I showed her that 5-minute cake recipe, and the end result after making it once we'd finished eating supper, and she seemed to like it, so... *shrug*

There was one other thing (or several, really) that I saw in Reddit that were disappointing, irritating, and unnerving all in one. Just go there, and search for articles with the keywords "Telecom", "FISA", and "Immunity". I know it's not going to affect me directly (at least right away), but there's a little thing called "precedent" that's lingering in the back of my mind. Feh.

But anyways, yeah. I have 'till about 6 tonight / this morning, because we're going grocery shopping at 3 tomorrow instead of 4 (something about Dad getting dropped off at work early), so I might as well get going with Banjo-Kazooie and / or whatever else~