July 15th, 2008

Longest Entry Ever (Really)

It would've helped if I'd remembered that formatting my laptop and reinstalling Windows would erase *everything* on that partition, including the saved settings for Cola and Madius's wireless internet connection. The key I was given doesn't work either, but I have reason to believe it wasn't right in the first place, because back when Cola and I were still having that lengthly email conversation, he mentioned that the key for their connection was a 26 (I think) long random character string that he hated trying to remember, and the one I was given is just names. Erf. So anyways, see the below LJ-cuts for stuff that I would've written on that particular day had I been able to access the internet

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And now I'm back at home, obviously. I think I might find Mom too and see about going to KFC right now, because I really want some (more) popcorn chicken, and obviously to Taco Bell too, to say hi, and to pick up my pay stub. She just left to pick Dad up though, so I suppose for now I'll take the rest of my stuff upstairs and get everything set back up the way it was before I left :3

Now I Have Reason to be Angry / Annoyed

Just getting back from going out to get food now, and as we pulled out of the driveway, Mom had something to say. She's not going to take me grocery shopping any more unless I leave whatever tail I happen to have on that day at home, because there were some nasty things getting said behind my back or something.

So I guess that means I won't be going grocery shopping anymore, and I'm not saying that out of stubbornness, but rather that *I* should be the one to worry about whatever comments are being made. Not Mom, Dad, Adam, Naomi, or any of the staff at Taco Bell, even (speaking of which, I made $590.51, which I am quite happy with <3).

To be honest, I'm rather pleased to hear about unkind comments being made, because I expected that to happen in the first place, and the more practice I get now with just ignoring them or whatever, the better off I'll be for each time afterwards.

Or maybe I'm being a bit rash. Surely it's not too much to ask to leave my tail at home for about an hour every two weeks, right?

No, it isn't, but I'm not going to, for, once again, it being something that nobody else should be worried about. Feeling embarrassed because of it is fine, and expected as well, but I don't appreciate, and more or less won't be told what I can or cannot do with my tails, or anything else, for that matter, just because somebody else feels differently about it.

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