July 16th, 2008

I'm Starting to Get Hungry ;_;

Since I woke up, I've eaten about half a bag of chips, and two blueberry muffins :s Originally Noir and I were going to meet up at Tim Hortons tonight, so I figured I'd just wait and have something to eat then, but she had something come up, and thus couldn't make it. Since then, I've learned that we have no bacon either, so having one of those omelets is out of the question, unless I just slice up one or two hotdogs, which I may very well do. I could go to 7-11 or Sobeys as well, but in the past five days, I've spent close to $50 on food alone, so no. Perhaps tomorrow night on the way home from work though~

But yeah. I slept 'till 2, and was going to sleep in even longer than that, but remembered that I have to be at work for 7 tomorrow, and I don't want to end up oversleeping then as well. So I got up, chatted with Noir for a bit, came downstairs at 3:30, and played Starforce 2 for most of the afternoon. I started just after having gotten to "Wazzap!" (yes, that's the name of a place in the game), and now I'm up to having gone back to Loch Mess to find the pilot of the plane that crashed, and the black box from it. Not sure how much of the game that is, but it feels like I've done a significant amount, so yes :3

As for the irritating thing from my previous entry, I've been thinking about it some more, and one hour every other week really isn't alot to ask, but I still wish it didn't have to "end" that way. I know it's unrealistic to expect whoever was making the comments to actually say them to my face, or to expect them to just keep it / them to themselves, but perhaps next Thursday while we're there I can actually ask Mom "So is anybody that was saying things about me still here?" I'm not sure if she thinks I'm not able to stick up for myself or not, but I'd rather be given the chance so she can see that I'm not kidding about it.

Anyways, I'm not sure if there was anything I meant to say, but until Adam goes to bed, leaving me to be able to go into the kitchen and make food without him asking me what I'm doing, I'm going back to Starforce 2~