August 9th, 2008

Working All of Two Days

I closed yesterday night, and I work again from 9 - close tonight, followed by having Sunday off. Yay~ But then after that I continue to close 'till Thursday or so :s But we get paid on Thursday, so that'll be something to look forward to. And thus, if it isn't raining, and Josh doesn't insist on giving me a ride home tonight (I'm not entirely sure, but there's a chance it may be the last close we work together (before he moves to London)), I'll be going to 7-11.

As for last night, it went pretty well, even given the slightly rough start (nothing being done for close, and not having enough pans washed to be able to bag line). And then later on in the night, well, let's just say I ended up walking home with whiskers drawn onto my face in a dry-erase marker ^^; Manoah had drawn a line down Cindy's arm for some reason, and next time I went up to drive through to fill my cup, I just stood there for a bit, then he came at me :p He took pictures of it too, so I told him to send those to me, but evidently I'll have to bother him about it on Monday night, because the only one I have right now looks really, really weird :s

Otherwise, well, one week left, for one thing. Unfortunately, I have to work at 8 on Saturday, so I won't have the house to myself for quite as long as I was hoping, but I might call in for 9 instead, if I can find something to do with the time. They actually called me in an hour early yesterday night, so I wouldn't be surprised if they try the same sometime tonight, but no. I have something to do before work already. And I hope this is due to the sudden drop in temperature outside. Ever since Thursday morning, I've had what I thought was a cold, but Manoah was complaining of the same thing yesterday night, and said it was because of the weather lately. It's annoying, at any rate :x

But anyways, it's time for more Mungyodance 2 and / or StepMania. Dad is now in here, and I'd like something to drown out some of the noise he is making~