August 14th, 2008

It's Obvious What I'm Going to Write About Tonight

Well, tonight / this morning. Until I go to bed it's night to me though, so meh. Anyways...

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As for other things, I attempted to make those chocolate chip meringue cookies tonight too. I tried one of the ones that didn't burn, and it tasted alright, but they don't look quite as puffy as they do on the page the recipe is on :s There are a couple things I'll have to keep in mind should I try to make them again though. First of all, read the recipe thoroughly, and make sure you have all the ingredients measured and ready to go (including greasing the cookie sheets in this case) before starting anything. Secondly, portion one rounded *teaspoon* of batter per cookie (I misread the recipe and went with tablespoons instead :x). And finally, put them in the oven for 17 minutes. Not 20, unless the temperature of the oven is slightly less than 300°.

Also, for Dan Skunk, regarding that furmeet: my answer about attending it is, for now "Hopefully yes, but there's one thing I have to sort out at work first". I'm not sure if I'm supposed to tell that to you or not, but all the other furs you contacted would probably have given you their answer, so I might as well do the same :p And then I suppose you could call me a fursuiter too. I should have my paws and ears by then, and I already have plenty of tails and a pair of footpaws <3

Just in case he's reading this, something for Deoge. An answer to a question he asked me earlier tonight. No, I don't really worry about leaving the stuff I write in here available for anyone to read. Coworkers are the only ones I'm concerned about finding it, and although it might be sort of cocky for me to say, I highly doubt they'd even know what LiveJournal is. There are times when I have stuff to write about that I don't want *everyone* to be able to read, but that's what friends-only entries are for *shrug*

Anyways though, since we have more ice cream now, I'm going to attempt to make another peach milkshake. I tried to last night, but, well, let's just say chocolate chips don't blend as well as you think they might :x And I'll try putting some sugar in it too, because that might help. Time to find out~
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