August 15th, 2008

How Does a Mistake Like This Get Made?

For at least half a year now, I've been receiving bank account statements addressed to Mom and Dad, as well as me. I decided I didn't want it to be like that any more, because Mom up and opened one of said statements the other afternoon, without even asking me "This is probably for your account. Do you mind if I open it, or do you want to?"

So we went to the bank yesterday afternoon to straighten that out. I was / we were told, however, that the account had been closed on the 13th, and a (new) savings account had been opened in my name alone. At first I thought "Maybe that's what I wanted to have happen", but started thinking about it a bit more, and it didn't add up, so upon getting home, I talked to Cola about it, and, in a nutshell, was advised that it'd be the best idea to get things going the same afternoon. I turned behind me, because Mom was sitting on the couch, and asked her how so much money could just disappear from the checking account, with no notification or anything of the sort whatsoever.

She responded by saying that she had transferred ~$7,500 from an account that she thought was hers, and I believe you can see where this is going now.

To sum things up (and because I don't feel like going into the rest of the details, as they're more or less irrelevant), we went back to the bank again, found that the money had indeed been taken out of my checking account, which was then closed, presumably by Mom's choice, or because it had absolutely no money in it. But since it had only happened "yesterday", there was still plenty of time to open the account without having to change the number, and my balance is now back at exactly $7500 again. I did, however, get a funny look from the teller, followed by being asked why I had so much in my checking account. I have my reasons, and I plan on transferring some more of it to savings soon enough. Oh, and I got a new debit card out of it too, but Cola did mention asking what they could do to make the mistake up to me, so that's something, even if it is rather small / insignificant :p

The one remaining problem now is that my checking account would've been closed exactly when my pay for the past two weeks would've been deposited :x I left a note for Earl yesterday night explaining things though, and called him shortly after getting up to see what he had to say. He called head office, and *they* say the money is in my account, so it appears I'll be checking on my way to work tonight. But if not, I have to get confirmation / proof from the bank of how much was in there, as recently as possible. It sounds like one of those slips you can print off of your 10 most recent transactions should do the job nicely. Here's hoping this last problem is cleared up by Monday, because that's when our next meet will be.

But on that note, I'm going to leave the rest 'till I get home from work tonight. The way things are going right now, it'll just be easier to write about that stuff anyways (most of it is about the next couple meets we're planning though).

So yeah. Until ~4 this morning, that'll be it :3