August 30th, 2008

A List of Random Things

[1] As anybody that's gone there recently or watches TV would know, our current promotion at Taco Bell is a / the Mexican Pizza. It ends on the 14th, but of course, since it's going to remain on our menu afterwards (for it was before they started promoting it too), we'll more than likely still get the same amount of orders for them for a couple weeks afterwards. There's a box at the back of the store right now though, with all the displays and cards for our new item. What is it? A "Volcano Taco". It's a red taco shell (yes), with beef, "lava sauce", lettuce, and cheese. So in other words, a slightly modified cheesy gordita crunch.

Oh, and there's also a new "How to make [x]" card on line, for the "Volcano Taco Big Bell Box Meal", which comes with a spicy burrito, two volcano tacos, nachos with a side of lava sauce (no cheese, I guess, but I can guarantee customers will ask for it), and cinnamon twists. Frankly, I'm just glad it's not the same sort of thing as they had in the states, which included a Club Chalupa, among other things. Speaking which, there was some lady in drive through the other night asking for bacon on her chicken soft tacos, which was funny. We haven't had that in at least two months, which I can only guess is when you came here last :p

[2] More chatting with Deoge this afternoon, as well as watching a couple movies, and I think I remember pretty much all the advice you were given / stuff you were told to do. So now I'm just waiting for him to finish cleaning up the original picture, which may be done tonight, but probably by Monday, at latest. And where deciding if I really want it is concerned, my answer is pretty much "Yes". I'm just sort of reluctant to say that, because I know Mom is going to ask me sooner or later if I've made up my mind, and no matter what I say, she's going to ask how I can be so sure. That's why, since there's still about a month left 'till the weekend I booked off in October, I may type something up in Notepad, explaining *why* I want it, and that I realize she and Dad are concerned and such, print it out, and slip it under the door to their room before I go to bed.

[3] I completely forgot Mom and Dad were going away for the weekend :s Apparently they're going to be back in time to pick Adam up from work tomorrow afternoon (around 5:30), but I'll be in London by that time, so yay ^^ Sort of unsure about one other thing concerning going there though. Originally I was going to bring both my footpaws *and* tail, because I figured we'd be going mini-golfing. This past Monday, however, the question of where we wanted to go was asked, and bowling was decided upon instead. Originally I was going to ask Cola a very silly question, being "Do you still have to wear the bowling shoes?", but I think I know the answer :s I might still bring my footpaws along just to wear around the apartment (socks suck ;_;), but that all depends on whether or not I'm able to cram them into my backpack along with my laptop...

[4] Two more things about work. For one, our lettuce is really weird now. It's all wet and stuck together in big clumps :s Steve utterly refuses to use it, and as such, there were several pans of it stuck right at the back of the walk-in yesterday night, without lids, which apparently had been there for at least a day, because they were starting to smell. But that's the forward thinking that goes on at that place. Find a bag of cheese or lettuce that's unusable? Write "DO NOT USE" on it, and set it aside, which makes perfect sense. *Don't* throw it out and leave a note for Earl and / or Shelia saying "We threw [x] in the garbage, because it had gone bad. I appreciate that yes, whoever we get said food from probably wants the stuff to be sent back if it goes bad, but it really should not be tossed in next to the other food like that. At worst, have a couple fry boxes in the walk-in to put that stuff into, and have them taken away / back each Tuesday and Friday morning, which is when the order comes in.

Also, we were all clocked in an hour early yesterday night, by none other than Earl, because in his words, the night staff had been getting killed lately, and doing lots of extra work, and it wasn't fair to them / us. Of course, everybody was all happy for that. We're getting paid for time we didn't work, and it's something the day / supper staff don't get. However, to be pessimistic about it, that's only an extra $8.85, I think. Better than nothing, yes, and I shouldn't be ungrateful, but it's one of those things you can't help thinking about / noticing.

[5] This song (the one in the "Music" field) was quite difficult to find :x I originally heard it on the radio at work, and after the second or third time decided I liked it, and wanted to find it online somewhere. The problem, however, was that I could only remember the "Over and over and over again" part of it :s Well, that and "Don't close your eyes", but I ended up having to go to CKSY's site (which is sort of painful to look at, I might add), and search for the lyrics of all the songs on their top 20 list, until I found the one I was looking for.

Anyways, it's about time I went upstairs and grabbed my uniform though. Closing with Steve, George, and Joe tonight, which isn't the best crew ever, but we'll manage. One of the things I found myself thinking yesterday night was "Y'know, despite that we're busy right now, I remember how much worse it was last summer", and it's true, even though the common complaint on closes right now is how busy it is.

Yesh. Until sometime tomorrow night (even though I'll probably write an entry on the train), that'll be it~