September 3rd, 2008

Home Again (Until the 22nd)~

It's sort of interesting to note how things have progressed since back in April too. That time, I spent most of my time doing stuff on my laptop, and said very, very little. Honestly, that's the easier (but less fun way) to do things, because if you don't do or say anything that isn't expected of you, nothing can really go wrong. For example this past time, I had Madius quite pissed off with me for ten minutes or so because I waited 'till the very last minute on Monday night to go put my footpaws on :x Long story short, I originally figured you'd have to wear bowling shoes no matter what, but Cola gave everybody a quick rundown of the prices before we left, and mentioned that the fursuiters wouldn't have to pay for shoes, so I grabbed my footpaws, and ran into the bathroom. Cue being hollered to several times, and eventually hearing "Kar, we have to go! We're already late!" in an anxious tone of voice, and things turn out to be not very good :\ The rest of the night was really fun, but that part wasn't :s

Anyways, getting back on track, things picked up from there, and I started getting slightly more involved each time. More or less *not* feeling that Cola was the only one I could say anything to because I knew him ^^; Last time was fun, because alot happened in just a few hours, and I got to do everything I wanted to, but this time was even better, for going out for bowling and having lots of fun there ^^ Oh, and for Deoge, I, unfortunately, did not kick very much tail, as you may expect from our experience(s) at the Wheels ;_; If my memory serves though, I came in 3rd the first game, and 2nd for the other, which isn't too bad~ Strype and Frost beat us all, if it makes a difference, but I don't think anybody there was really bent on winning.

The one part of the night that seemed weird at first was how everybody suddenly seemed to know my name. The idea of everybody going to Cola or Madius and asking "Who's he?" is extremely silly, but they somehow knew, despite only being asked my name by Runa one time. Then I realized "Oh, yeah, it was on the scoreboard thing at the bowling alley, and Cola told it to the guy at the counter before I stepped up to give him the proper spelling."

But anyways, as the title of this entry says, now to wait for the 22nd. That actually happens to be a Monday, so I *will* be waiting for the bus at Adelaide if necessary. I'm pretty sure my original intentions were to visit Josh on the 24th, but that all depends on when, where, and most importantly, if he still wants to do anything at all. Apparently his 360 broke the first day he was there, so playing videogames is out of the question, but to my mind, the best / easiest meet-up plan is to find and go to Tim Hortons, and see if we want to do anything else from there. The obvious problem is contacting him about it in the first place, but I'll probably send him an email sometime before the end of next week. All I know is I'll have to be at the train station for 9:20. The train actually leaves at 9:28 (I think), but after today, I realize being there a little early can be helpful.

Before I get to the requisite "Here's everything that happened" LJ-cut, just a few other things.

[1] Somebody has been in my room since I left on Sunday. I don't know who, and I don't know what for (obviously), but it's rather annoying both ways.

For one, my Neocube was, when I left, stacked up into a small hollow cylinder shape. Each ring was made of ten magnets, and there were four left over at the top. It was on my dresser in what I assume to be the same spot I left it when I got home tonight, but it was instead wrapped up in a spiral shape. Slightly unusual, but I know I meant to bring it to London with me, but I didn't have it when I got there, so perhaps it got dropped on the floor somewhere, and whoever found it knew it was mine.

Secondly, there is a single brown Reese's Pieces candy on my floor that cannot be mine since I haven't eaten that sort of candy in a while. What I do know, however, is that there's a bag of said candy out in the TV room, which is most likely Naomi's. Once again though, sticking with the idea that somebody found my Neocube and put it back in my room, there is a chance the candy might've been on the floor (thanks to the cats), which was then kicked into my room.

And finally, quite possibly the strangest thing, my giant tail has been moved. Not a whole lot, but the mattress cover underneath it came loose a while back, and instead of putting it back on properly, I took the lazy way and shoved it as far back towards the corner as I could, and stuck the tail down on top of it, and that worked. Since Sunday though, somebody has lifted it up or done something else with it, and as a result, it doesn't look quite the same as before

Now, as far as I can tell, nothing is actually missing, but it's still weird. I'll definitely have to ask tomorrow.

[2] As planned, I sent one last email to Chesh before leaving on Sunday that, in sum, asked if they could be done for Halloween instead, and received a reply from her later that evening, at exactly 7:00, for what it's worth. She said the ears are done, but also that due to illness in her immediate family, she hadn't been able to send them out yet. One other thing I did ask is that she reply back by the 2nd, because that way, if there was still nothing by then, I'd send SPark money for a pair, and I guess she (Chesh) took that to mean "Please have them out by the 2nd", because the last thing she said was "I'll be heading off to the post office this Tuesday". So yay (^^) and erf (:s) at the same time. I'm both excited and happy to hear that they'll be getting sent out soon (or rather, should have already gone out by the time I wrote this), but I also feel sort of bad for being so impatient and in a rush when I didn't know specifically what she had going on. One way or the other though, it's too late to change things now, and I'll probably have them for the 22nd, which will be awesome. It's not a fursuiting event, I know, and while I realize it's rather impractical to do everything all day in a full suit, that doesn't have to stop me from going with tail, ears, and possibly footpaws >:3 Although I do have to keep in mind SPark will have the only tail I've gone there with so far at that point... I'll figure something out though~

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So in sum, it was an awesome meet, and a great deal (because "hell of a lot" sounds insincere) of fun. Even though I doubt more than three or four furs that were involved in it are reading this, thanks for making the night as fun as it was anyways ^^

It is now time I called it a night though. It's already 6:40 in the morning, and I have to decide which blanket I want to use for sleeping yet. Such fun. And of course, if I forgot to mention something, I'll write about it tomorrow / later today, but for now, that's it, because I'm getting to the point where I can't even think of what to type without closing my eyes for a minute anymore. Oh, and run-on sentences too, but I'm not *as* worried about those. Yesh~

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