September 20th, 2008

All of Two Things for Now

I was planning to write more today, but I have about an hour before I have to leave for work, during which I want to eat and write this, which is not as easy as it sounds because there are too many distractions down here :x

The main thing I was going to say is that as of yesterday afternoon around 4, I have / had an appointment to get the first part of my tattoo done, on October 10th, at 5pm. They require a $20 deposit though, so I plan on leaving at 7 tonight to go to the bank, then there, then to work. That may not be the smartest idea, given how last night went (I won't elaborate), but they're only open 'till 8, which is when I'd normally be leaving the house.

And otherwise, I have one more thing to keep in mind, that being bringing an extra $20 to London with me in a couple days, because I am commissioning a conbadge from Cooper and one way or another I'm going to give her the actual money instead of waiting on a Paypal transfer.

Now I finish writing a message on here, then I'm probably going to play StepMania or something. There's only a half hour left, after all~